Top 50 PR Professionals You Should Be Following On Twitter

by Genesis Davies One of the advantages of a social network like Twitter is that you can learn a lot just by following the right people. If you’re promoting your business, then following the top PR professionals on the site is a great way to pick up hints and tips, as well as possibly make some valuable contacts. Not sure who to follow? Why not start with these 50 PR professionals? Click on their names to follow them on Twitter.
  1. Chris Brogan runs a self-named social media blog and offers plenty of social media insight in his tweets.
  2. Bill Stoller of Publicity Insider is a 25 year veteran in the public relations industry.
  3. Beth Harte of MarketingProfs is an avid Twitter user and public relations educator.
  4. Guy Kawasaki is co-founder of Alltop and blogs at How to Change the World.
  5. Peter Shankman, founder of HARO (Help a Reporter Out) is a public relations pro who  helps others get the word out about their business in a unique manner.
  6. Brian Carter, SEO and PPC manager of Fuel Interactive is a PR professional with a touch of humor and some great tips.
  7. Laura Fitton, founder of Pistachio, tweets about PR, social media and family life.
  8. Gary Vaynerchuk, best known for his video blogging, has some interesting public relations and marketing tactics that work.
  9. Julien Smith is co-author of Trust Agents, blogger and tweets on a variety of topics.
  10. David Jones from PR Works blogs and tweets about the Canadian public relations industry.
  11. Brian Solis of PR 2.0 offers helpful advice and the latest social networking news via tweets.
  12. Mirna Bard of NuReach Media covers the latest PR news and offers helpful social media information, both on Twitter and her blog.
  13. Stephen Davies of PR Blogger tweets the latest PR news stories and offers insights.
  14. Karen Russell is another public relations educator who tweets and blogs at Teaching PR.
  15. Kellye Crane of Solo PR is best known for her social media marketing and public relations strategies.
  16. David Meerman Scott is author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR. See his website here.
  17. Todd Defren of PR Squared offers a personal look at social networking and PR strategies.
  18. John Cass of PR Communications is friendly on Twitter, but provides useful PR information, as well.
  19. Scott Monty is the head of social media at Ford Motors and also runs The Social Media Blog.
  20. Beverly Macy of Gravity Summit not only uses social media marketing, she teaches it at UCLA.
  21. Neville Hobson, a UK based blogger and communicator, shares his social media tips on Twitter and his site.
  22. Chip Griffin is CEO of Custom Scoop and blogs about public relations and social media on
  23. Marcel LeBrun provides SEO and PR insight on Twitter, is CEO of Radian6 and blogs at Media Philosopher.
  24. Richard Binhammer is part of Dell’s social media team and provides some valuable information both on his blog and Twitter.
  25. Keith Burtis is a social media expert and offers his expertise on his blog,
  26. Connie Crosby, a social networking professional, offers her advice and insights on her blog, as well as Twitter.
  27. Christopher Penn of Marketing Over Coffee is a social marketing expert, as well as a real life ninja.
  28. Brendan Cooper is a copywriter and social media marketer which he blogs about on his self-titled blog.
  29. Cece Salomon-Lee of PR Meets Marketing is director of marketing for InXpo and an expert in online PR.
  30. Elena del Valle blogs at Hispanic MPR and offers her marketing and PR advice in her tweets, as well.
  31. Trevor Cook writes about social media and online public relations on his blog.
  32. Mack Collier of the Viral Garden work his social media magic on Twitter and consults with businesses needing marketing tips.
  33. Ferg Devins heads up the social marketing in Canada for Molson and tweets useful links and tips.
  34. Lisa Dilg works as a PR Account Director at Perkett PRsuasion.
  35. Sonny Gill is a social marketing guru who blogs on his own blog, as well as tweeting PR tips.
  36. Doug Haslam works on PR for Shift Communications and blogs about social media on his self-titled blog.
  37. Shel Holtz of A Shel of My Former Self is a self-made public relations expert and founded Holtz Communication + Technology.
  38. Amber Nasland of Altitude Branding is Director of Community for Radian6 and a social marketing expert.
  39. Colin McKay, aka Canuckflak, writes about marketing, networking and politics and is based in, you guessed it, Canada!
  40. Liana Evans is one of the Search Marketing Gurus and she also shares her expertise on Twitter.
  41. Joseph Thornley of Pro PR is an expert in building relationships with business contacts and integrates social media with PR.
  42. Mike Kujawski is a strategist focusing on social media marketing for non-profits and government organizations. Read his blog here.
  43. Dave Fleet, a social media account director at Thornley Falls and a marketing blogger.
  44. Debra Mastaler of Link Spiel offers link building and SEO tips for business owners.
  45. Jimmy Vee, author of Gravitational Marketing: The Science of Attracting Customers, offers social marketing advice.
  46. Leslie Carothers, social media consultant and conversational marketer, also writes at the Kaleidoscope Partnership.
  47. Arik Hanson is a digital communications consultant and an expert in marketing and public relations. Read his blog here.
  48. James Walker of Gen Y PR Prescription doesn’t have a massive amount of followers, but is dropping some gems on his blog and Twitter.
  49. Lee Odden shares over 12 years of experience in social media marketing on Twitter and his blog.
  50. Carin Galletta of Ink Foundry focuses on word of mouth advertising and more traditional PR techniques.
PS: And picking up the rear at #15 is yours truly, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall of Whyte-Hall Communications. He offers helpful advice and the latest on small business public relations and social media marketing via tweets.


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