PR & Social Media… Integrated components of your business’ communications efforts!

As a social media public relations specialist, I believe that public relations and social media are not stand-alone efforts but rather integrated components of an organization’s overall marketing, human relations and communications activities. Public Relations services:
  • Identify specialized channels for delivering stories
  • Pursue positive coverage through award nominations, speaking engagements, demonstrations and interviews
  • Organize international/domestic press events and outreach campaigns
  • Provide domestic and international media training
Social Media services: 1. Strategy & Positioning
  • Social media analysis tells you where you are now
  • Competitor analysis tells you where you fit in relation to others in your market
  • New media strategy development builds a plan before launch
2. Launch and Execution
  • Content and channel creation including listening posts
  • Branded customization of your communications channels
  • Management tools to help you run your social media efforts with maximum efficiency
  • Mentoring and partnership to work side-by-side in building your community
Please see the following presentation for a fuller explanation of how social media and public relations work in harmony to achieving your marketing goal. [slideshare id=2523726&doc=kytnawwa-091117173759-phpapp01] I hope you’ll from now on have a better understanding and appreciation of the both public relations and social media and how harmoniously the two can work to achieving your marketing goal. Tell me what do you think, or how you have used social media and or public relations in your small business?