How to use social media to overcome a negative customer experience!

Most companies understand that social media are an important part of business these days, but how valuable are they really? When things go wrong, can companies use networks like Facebook and Twitter to win back their customers? Yes you can! An excellent example of how one company uses social media to win back its customers' loyalty after a major change had an unexpected impact on the company is WestJet Airlines Limited, the second largest Canadian carrier behind Air Canada. Earlier this year, WestJet announced a bold new joint venture promotion with Timeraiser.  They are giving away WestJet tickets, and contestants need to do is spread the word through Twitter when they are pledging and participating. The prize: a chance to win a return trip for two to any schedule WestJet destinations. So when things go wrong and you think of using networks like Facebook and Twitter to win back their customers, I suggest you consider the following:
  • Integrate social media feedback into the bigger picture
  • Ensure that your social media team has the right information
  • Use "brandividuals" to connect with your fans and followers
  • Have patience while communicating openly and honestly
  • Acknowledge the negative while focusing on the positive
  • Take complaints offline as soon as possible
  • Have a brilliant exit strategy
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