Your crisis is about to hit. Are you ready to effectively communicate using social media?

You need to get a jump on social media before they find you during the next crisis. PR professionals need an online crisis plan ready to go to tackle the 24/7 news cycle, bloggers, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social media channels. In a digital environment where innuendo can parade as truth and misinformation can spread like wildfire, understanding the rules of social media engagement in times of crisis is no longer optional. Following are some key rules every corporate communicator needs to follow to ensure online brand protection and reputation management.
  • Develop a presence in the online space before a crisis strikes
  • Use digital tools to serve as an early warning system
  • Establish an effective active online listening campaign to monitor and protect your organization's brand reputation
  • Create effective internal social media: use policies and encourage employees to serve as valuable brand ambassadors online
  • Advise reluctant corporate leadership on the importance of wading into the social media space
  • Follow best practices for coordinating and leveraging online and offline crisis management efforts
If you follow the basic rules of crisis communications and why they still apply in the digital age, then you are sure to come out smelling like roses. For further information, please visit my website: