Travel Agencies Regulation Act Amended to Tighten Monitoring of Industry!

News Release: Cabinet (Jamaica) has approved a proposal to amend the Travel Agencies Regulation Act to increase several penalties which will allow for tighter monitoring of the industry. The following are the penalties that are to be changed:
  • penalties  to be imposed on persons who are convicted for the  offence of operating an unregistered Travel Agency;
  • the penalties that may be imposed on persons convicted for offences set out in Section 22 of the Act, including obstructing the Registrar or Inspectors in carrying out their duties under the Act;
  • the penalties that may be imposed on persons who are convicted for breaching the provisions of the Regulations.
Updating journalists at a post cabinet press briefing at Jamaica House, Minister with responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz said the amendment will also allow the responsible Minister to amend monetary penalties in the Act. This he said would be done by way of Order subject to affirmative resolution and would increase the penalties that may be imposed in Regulations made under the Act. Mr. Vaz said the fines and sentences outlined in the relevant sections of the Act are unrealistic and do not deter entities from operating without being registered and from obstructing the work of the Registrar and Inspectors.


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