Business Book of the Week: Event Marketing… How to successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions and Expositions!

Hosting an event can be a great marketing investment with long-term return for the small business owner owners. Event marketing can include meet the conferences, educational seminars, grand openings, anniversary celebrations, festivals or charity fundraisers. In this week’s Business Book of the Week feature, we’ll look at Leonard H. Hoyle, Jr.’s pioneering book “Event Marketing… How to successfully Promote Events, Festivals, Conventions and Expositions!” If you are in charge of an event from the small half-day seminar to the week-long trade show you know you have to do your marketing right or it just won't be a success. This book focuses on the marketing aspect of such events and is packed with lots of creative ideas. Some of the areas covered include:
  • Overview of event promotion, advertising, public relations, and electronic marketing strategies, as well as budget funding
  • In-depth analyses of marketing for specific events, such as association meetings, conferences, corporate meetings, festivals and many others
  • An examination of future trends and innovative strategies for increasing attendance
The last chapters bring all the information from the first part of the book together into a cohesive unit. The book closed with a comprehensive appendices that include sample forms for media releases, requests for coverage announcements, audio and video news release scripts, public service announcement scripts, speakers’ “talking points”, and listings of media distribution and tracking services. If you are putting on an event, even if you have done it successfully before, you will find a lot of useful information in the pages of Event Marketing and it is highly recommended to everyone both new and experienced. Harold Hoyle, who has managed and marketed events for major organisations, including American Society of Association Executives (ASAE) and the Hospitality Sales and Marketing Association International, shows that he definitely understands this event marketing business, and in his pioneering book helps you to grasp and use the proven, successful principles of event marketing. Hoyle, a former dean of ASAE’s School of Management, he also served as Chairman of the Convention Industry Council (CIC) and Adjunct Professor at The George Washington University,  is the most qualified author to write this volume because he understand not only the theoretical underpinnings of this newly emerging discipline but also the practical requirements for promoting and selling events. The book will make sure that future success of your events and make your recurring events even more profitable.