Welcome to Whyte-Hall Communications, the PR website for small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). (Link: If you're a SME wanting to stand out in your industry and attract new customers then look no further. A PR strategy will help your business use the media to:
  • inform potential customers about a brand new product or service
  • tell the general public or specific target markets about your business and why it's special
  • shape the way it's perceived in the eyes of customers and potential customers

Public Relations (PR) is not just a tool for big businesses. SMEs can benefit greatly from PR - but they're often restricted by budget and not taken seriously by PR consultancies.

In response to your small business public relations and publicity needs, we've position ourselves to help you:
  • Get free publicity,
  • Attract attention,
  • Increase web traffic,
  • Pull in prospects,
  • Become slightly famous,
  • And increase your profits.
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