Welcome to Whyte-Hall Communications… a company founded January 2009 by multi-award winning journalist, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall (aka The Ultimate Publicist), and built on focusing on client publicity services. We service you with all your PR needs as well as online media services with entertaining blogs on the internet. My PR Division: I offer you several services creating good will for your company, conveying your message to your target public, generating exposure, and making an impact that will result in action. When trying to attract your “public”, I do not believe that one size fits all. Publicists are hired to get press coverage for clients. We are NOT promoters, advertising or booking agents, managers or talent agents. I do not perform those functions. I only pitch you to the media that fits your story or product. My Small Business News Blog: I publish a daily blog that offers a Free News Publishing Service to small businesses (from business start-ups to established enterprises, entrepreneurs to professionals, and NGOs). The traffic generated on this blog (10,000-plus) is attractive for your promotional needs. The EXPOSURE invites you to promote your business for FREE by sending us your small business news – announcements, photo-releases, product/service launches, and press releases. Click Here to make your submissions. My company thoroughly examines your communication needs and customizes our services to help you achieve your bottom line. We truly believe that "Self Publicity is the Best Publicity." You definitely have to promote yourself and your brand to get the results of the hard work you have built on your talent but sometimes you need an expert to do that for you. Need publicity? Need to make your brand or your cause famous? You have come to the right place. To find out more about my services, pricing or how I may help you including last minute urgent PR services, corporate PR photography, Please contact me via e-mail at or visit my website: I have an hourly consultation fee for a meeting in person or via phone. I discuss your needs and what I can do for your campaign. If I cannot do much for your campaign, I will not take you as a client. Some "so called" firms and agencies will do that and you find yourself paying for no services! Whyte-Hall Communications serves clients around the globe, including the Caribbean, Canada, USA, and U.K. DELROY’S EXPERTISE IN PUBLIC RELATIONS & SOCIAL MEDIA OUTREACH
  • Small Business PR**
  • Entertainment PR**
  • Event Planning and Promotion
  • PR campaigns**
  • Crisis Management
  • Media Relations**
  • New Media Marketing
  • Social network construction/marketing**
  • Press Conference planning**
  • Media Training**
  • Non Profits PR**
  • Blog placement
The highlighted** ones are my TOP expertise in the media. I will get you coverage! ACCEPTING NEW CLIENTS… If you are a small business person (hotelier, entertainer, professional, consultant, author, dentists, pharmacists, chiropractor, wedding/event coordinator, etc.) please note that I’ll be accepting new clients after April 1, 2010. Let me know your needs and I will work a good contract for you. Please remember, I have a US$160 consultation fee.