What’s the worst thing a propect can say when you ask for their business?

If you have never considered it before, one of the worst thing a prospect can say when you ask them to do business with you is “No, I’m not interested.” However, an article I read recently included strategies to help small business owners and entrepreneurs improve their sales, says it depends on the type of prospect you’re talking to, because a response of “no” can actually be a good thing. In fact, “yes” can actually be more of a problem in some cases! According to the author of the article: “Sales Strategy: How to Double Your Closing Ratio,” Annette Bau, before you can fully understand the dynamics at play here, you have got to first divide-up you prospects into three different levels before you can decide the kind of client you are going to be dealing with before you decide to start working with them. Bau’s three levels of prospects are: Level One Prospects: These people are generally defensive, rude and unhappy. They gossip, complain, blame others and have excuses for everything. They don’t listen, and spend their time telling versus asking. If issues come up, they ignore them, hoping they’ll go away. Level Two Prospects: These people lack focus, time, and/or money because they’re overextended. Eventually, when they decide to get serious about money management, they’ll become a Level One or a Level Three Prospect. Level Three Prospects: Level three prospects are balanced, grounded, and positive. They’re clear on what they want and focus their energies on HVFDAs (high-value fixed daily activities). When challenges come up, they quickly resolve them. They take responsibility for their lives and take action to make things happen. Now that you have placed your prospects in their proper order, what next? If nothing else, the responses from your prospects do offer clues to what they’ll be like as clients, and so you’ll be in a better position to deal with each level. You can click here to read the article in its entirety and learn how to deal with each level of prospects.