Business Profile: Wayne Fagan, Owner/CEO, Blaze Night Club and Sports Bar!

Wayne Fagan is an entrepreneur at heart, but he loves night-time entertainment, but he’s one person who is never satisfied with the quality and type of entertainment being offered these days… and so, he decides to start his own entertainment complex, and so Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar was born, then christened as an ultra sports-themed bar and nightclub concept catering only to the undeniably hip. [caption id="attachment_1731" align="alignleft" width="283" caption="Wayne Fagan"][/caption] “The idea is to not only to fill the need for extra “cool” venues, but also to take the quality of entertainment provided to a higher level, thus exciting patrons to party and “hang-out” in Portmore,” said Wayne, who prior to establishing the new multi-themed entertainment facility, spent his formative years at Wolmer’s Boys, then on to Portmore Community College, before moving on the University of Technology (Utech) where he earned a Bachelor of Engineering in Electrical Power Engineering. Being the live wire person he is, Wayne’s  formal training in Electrical Power Engineering serves as the “electrical power station” from which he gets his entrepreneurial energy, and of course, is a natural progression from his parents “who have been in business for themselves for as long as I can remember,” recalls Wayne. However, his foray into the business world saw him starting and managing two successful ventures - one a printing and signage company, PrintBIG; and the other, a party rentals enterprise that operates under the name Wild Rides, both establishment located n Portmore. Interestingly, both companies are very successful in their respective area of operation, and are now being considered workplaces of choice for several Portmore residents. “The most important thing for me, however, is that I am happy to be in a position to provide employment to my fellow Jamaicans,” said Wayne, who believes the toughest part of being in business is “just finding enough hours in each day to do what has to be done.” For the average entrepreneur, however, that would be satisfaction enough, but not for Wayne, who isn’t one that is easily satisfied with success… for him, success breeds more challenges. So, it wasn’t surprising to his circle influence when Wayne decided that he was venturing into business Number 3. But this time, it would appeal to his adventurous and wilder side… “I am a very free-spirited individual, I work hard, but love fun, entertainment, and excitement in a wholesome, clean and uplifting environment,” said Wayne, who owns several vehicles, including two top-class motorcycles… but that doesn’t stop him from taking a Portmore Route Taxi, or hopping a ride on a mini bus. Anyway, about four weeks ago, Wayne, who claims he produces his best work under pressure, opened Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar, which offers an ultra sports-themed bar and nightclub concept that caters only to the undeniably hip, and has so far earned the status as a hot spot attracting celebrities, sports figures, and Jamaica’s ultra chic crowd. In short order, Wayne, who heads the new Portmore-based Blazing Events Management Company, hopes the new entertainment facility will become Jamaica’s ultimate nightlife destination. “I hope over time, Blaze Night Club &Sports Bar, with its stunning design and décor elements, state-of-the-art stereo, sound mixing technology, and premier VIP services, will be the choice scene of nighttime entertainment, which I hope to with the rotation of a list of renowned Jamaican DJs and expert music mix-masters, plus patrons will be personally catered to by the Firefly Girls hostesses,” says Wayne. Positioned to revolutionize Greater Portmore, by extension Jamaica’s nightlife, Blaze Night Club &Sports Bar is a Sports-themed dual-roomed ultra lounge and nightclub. Stunning design and décor elements, state-of-the-art stereo, sound mixing technology, and premier VIP services are just some of the features of the new super club catering to Jamaica’s elite crowd. Asked if he would have done differently as an entrepreneur, Wayne said: “No, because I see my business experience on a learning curve, hence every challenge potentially has great merit to produce excellent results, even if just in lesson learnt.” What's next on the horizon for Wayne? According to him, the sky is the limit, but he’s just taking it one day at a time. His goal is to build a highly successful conglomerate. Being a young man, a long way from the big 40, Wayne believes he’s seen and done enough and has this advice for others who might be bitten by the entrepreneurial bug:  “Don’t be afraid to try, if you believe you have a good idea and a good plan, just go for it.” Finally, Wayne’s observation about what the next decade might hold about someone choosing to become entrepreneurs? “Well, my out for the next ten years is seeing much significant development in technology and a dearth of web-based commercial activities. Entertainment will be taken to “cosmic” levels with much 3D offerings and virtual assimilation.” To contact Wayne Fagan, please email or go to


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