Multi-themed Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar Has Sights Set on Redefining Jamaica’s Nightlife!

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News Release, March 24, 2010 – As the clock strikes 7 o’clock tonight, the battle for Jamaica’s burgeoning nightlife begins as the Portmore-based Blazing Events Management Team kicks into high-gear with a press launch Jamaica’s newest multi-million dollar sports-themed bar and entertainment complex – Blaze Night Club &Sports Bar, located Upstairs Oak Park Plaza in Portmore.

Positioned to revolutionize the Portmore, the largest metropolis within the English-speaking Caribbean, and by extension Jamaica’s nightlife, Blaze Night Club &Sports Bar is a sports-themed dual-roomed ultra lounge and nightclub. Stunning design and décor elements, state-of-the-art stereo, sound mixing technology, and premier VIP services are just some of the features of the new super club catering to Jamaica’s elite crowd.

“We are excited to open this new night club and sport entertainment complex in Greater Portmore… not only because of the metropolis’ potentially huge entertainment market, but because it will provide creative outlet for talent and economic benefit,” said Wayne Fagan, Owner/CEO, Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar. “The people here are beautiful, out-going and ready for an upscale nightlife and exciting entertaining experience, the new Jamaican style.”

Blaze Night Club & Sports Bar, opened earlier this year, has so far earned the status as a hot spot attracting celebrities, sports figures, and Jamaica’s ultra chic crowd. In short order, Blazing Events Management hopes the new entertainment facility will become known as Jamaica’s ultimate nightlife destination.

According to the Blazing Events Management Team, the entertainment facility is now set on a course to become a posh nightclub and entertainment complex, which will be elevated by the rotating list of renowned Jamaican DJs and expert music mix-masters, plus patrons will be personally catered to by the Firefly Girls hostesses.