100 Must-Read Articles For Entrepreneurs!

The Internet is a great place where people can learn more then any other environment, through brain works extremely inside class room. I’ve just ran across some  great articles for entrepreneurs, where an entrepreneur can learn tons of things. Entrepreneur should keep learning new things and start to implementing in different situations. Have to learn, how become successful entrepreneur or 10 Reasons You Are Not A Successful Entrepreneur and how to make business plan, about startups organizing, managing the business, team management, surviving with business, leveraging costs, increasing revenue, leading, raising money, fining angel investors, learning from mistakes and understand common mistakes and analyzing business growth so on things you will learn. Well here is the beginning of some 100 must read articles for small businesses and entrepreneurs: Starting Up Read these posts when you’re starting to get serious about opening up your own company.
  1. A Boost for Young Entrepreneurs: This post should encourage young entrepreneurs who are wondering if they’re experienced enough to start out.
  2. 9 Conflicting Tips for Start-ups: This post plays devil’s advocate to common suggestions for entrepreneurs.
  3. Entrepreneur vs. Business Owner: Believe it or not, these two positions are completely different.
  4. The Secret to a Good Business Name: If you need help coming up with an effective company name, read this post.
  5. Prepare for the Worst-Case Scenario: This post highlights the business survival guide which can help you prepare for worst-case scenarios.
  6. Tactical Tips from the Trenches: Get tips for picking a name, building a website and monitoring competitors. read
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