Do You Need A Publicity Breakthrough?

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Do you have some publicity ideas floating around in your head?  Ideas that you think are good but you could use some help refining?

Have you been sitting on a publicity idea for a while? Maybe you aren’t sure who to target or when the time is right?

Over the past year since I have established Whyte-Hall Communications, I have met a lot of small business persons who have asked me for help. They knew if they could have an hour or just half hour of my time, they would walk away with lots of real-world, down-to-earth ideas, and feedback on their publicity and social media marketing efforts.

So, I’ve opened up my schedule to help you have a PUBLICITY BREAKTHROUGH.

You can choose from a half-hour or one hour one-time session, and we’ll talk about you and your business. Most of you, I am sure, will walk away with either a 6-month or even 12-month publicity plan, plus a whole bag of actionable items to improve your business and increase your profits.

So, whether you need help with:

  • creating a powerful presence using low-cost, high impact publicity
  • building your publicity list quickly
  • getting more people to notice you
  • developing newsworthy stories the media will love
  • using social media methods to promote your business
  • and much more

I can help you achieve the breakthrough you and your business need.

Read the webpage and book your session today at My schedule is filling fast, so act quickly!


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