Global Time On Social Media Sites Soars; Up 82%!

Where’s everyone hanging out and likely engaging brands and organizations?

Well, more and more are on social networking (Sns) sites, according to research leader Nielsen.

The company reports that global consumers* spent more than 5.5 hours on Sn sites (e.g. Facebook and Twitter) in December 09, an 82% growth from same 08 period when users were spending just over 3 hours on Sn sites.

Global Web Traffic to Social Networking Sites!

Other report highlights:

  • Overall traffic to Sn sites has grown over last 3 years.
  • Sn sites and blogs are the most popular online category when ranked by average time spent in December, followed by games and instant messaging.
  • Facebook (FB), with almost 207M unique visitors, was the top Sn destination in December 09 and 67% of global social media users visited FB.
  • Time on FB rose with global users spending nearly 6 hours per month on site.
  • US people continue to spend more time on Sn and blog sites with total minutes increasing 210% and average time per person growing 143% over year-over-year.
  • FB and Twitter outpaced the overall growth for the Sn category growing 200% and 368% respectively.
  • Twitter continued to be fastest growing in Dec 09 as unique visitors increased 579% over year-to-year with 2.7M UV in December 08 to 18.1M in December 09.

So, brands and loyalists, keep building exposure and connections on Sn sites. That’s where customers and influencers are hanging out and likely engaging you and your competition.

* Global data compromises these countries US, UK, Australia, Brazil, Japan, Switzerland, Germany, France, Spain and Italy.

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