Does Your Business Deserve Fame?

The EXPOSURE, the premier online Small Business news outlet, publishes BizProfiles of small business owners to inspire, motivate and enlighten other entrepreneurs. “From the hundreds of Profile submissions received at The EXPOSURE, only the best are featured,” said Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, Publisher/Editor-in-Chief. “Selection of your BizProfile gives you and your business recognition as a small business leader and validates your hard work and dedication.” This is your opportunity to tell the world about your biz and move it to the next level! If your business has been up and running for over six months The EXPOSURE invites you to submit your business Profile for consideration. First, pay particular attention to this “Sample BizProfile” so you'll have a feel for what makes the grade. Think about how you'll answer our questions for your business. (As you'll see, skimpy, dull answers don't impress us.). Secondly, CLICK HERE to download your BizProfile Questionnaire, complete and along with your portrait photo, submit to: for consideration. But before you do all that, be sure you are REGISTERED as a Whyte-Hall Communications Regular, since profile submission is a privilege for members only. This rule only applies to BizProfile submissions; not general news and information. Profiles likely to get accepted: • Reveal lessons learned • Tell an inspiring Story • Express great attitude • Show vision and determination • Give helpful business tips • Take "a FUN approach to serious business." “By providing business profiles that have exhibitted some or all of the above characteristics in their approach to business, and telling you how they did it,” said Whyte-Hall, the multi-award independent journalist and blogger, “I hope I can spark someone’s creativity and inspire you to be the captain of your own ship.” Profiles likely to get rejected: • Business too new (less than six months in biz) • Give incomplete, vague or one word answers • Lack enough "meat on the bones" to be interesting • Use the Profile as a sales pitch • Show too little time spent at Idea Cafe to say how this site helps you • List a website that doesn't function So, you’re now being invited to be a profile candidate for a future issue of The EXPOSURE (

When you have completed your profile, please SUBMIT it to Remember to include your profile photo as an attachment.

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