Business Building Tips for Entrepreneurs!

Know your customer, know your customer, know your customer. Three very important rules of business. But let me ask you this: How well do your customers know YOU? If not very well, here are the 7 things you must know about your customers: 1. Their Name- Nothing speaks to an individual faster than their first name. Use it to build your relationship with your customer. 2. What They've Purchased - If you know what your customers purchased in the past, you have a good idea what they will buy again. (And won't waste your time promoting products of little to no interest.) 3. How Often They Purchase - Individuals who buy rarely from you may need additional encouragement - more marketing. Whereas, consistent customers may not need extra sales pitches, but might benefit from a newsletter or coupon. 4. How Much They Spend (on average) - Why spend precious time pitching products to customers that they can't afford? It might embarrass your customer, shows your lack of personal interest, and may cause customers to lose interest. 5. The Last Time They Purchased - Have you lost a customer without even knowing it? Who's still loyal? Who has strayed (and needs to be brought back)? 6. Each Interaction You've Had With Them - Documentation is important for obvious reasons. But being able to "recall" previous conversations will make your customer feel important and appreciated. 7. How They Feel About Your Business- Feedback from your customers is the best way to improve your products/services, meet your customers’ needs, and attract more customers. Here are tips for getting and using testimonials in your marketing and publicity campaign:
  • Just ask! As soon as you know someone is delighted with your product or service, ask for a testimonial. Don’t wait a month or two. By then, they may have forgotten how pleased they were.
  • Use a phrase like this: “I’m so glad you liked our service. Your compliment means a lot, and testimonials are one of the most valuable marketing tools I can use. May I use your comment as a testimonial?”
  • Be relentless about gathering testimonials. If you get into the habit of doing it, before long, you’ll have lots of them, and you can pick and choose, depending on how you want to use them.
  • Keep your eyes open for complimentary e-mail messages that can be turned into testimonials. Every time someone sends me an e-mail saying how much they like my blog or services, I ask them if I can use the quote with their name and company. So far, everyone has said yes.
  • Ask for them at your web site and, in exchange, offer people something for free if they provide one.
Note: Remembering each of your customers and all of these details about them is impossible. Be sure to keep an accurate database that can easily store and retrieve this information for you - and make you look like a star to your customers!

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