How to Use Press Release, Publicity for Promoting Your Business!

The Ultimate Publicist, your free publicity blog to using Press Releases and Publicity for promoting your business, wants to help maximize the return on your publicity-marketing efforts. Concerned that advertising is just too expensive? Publicity is the answer. "Great publicity is much less expensive than equivalent adverting," said Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, The Ultimate Publicist. Key Facts:
  • Publicity can be the most cost-effective marketing tool there is.
  • Publicity can provide the equivalent of millions of dollars worth of advertising - FREE!
  • Publicity can increase the credibility of your business.
  • Publicity can turn an ordinary company into a booming business.
So, as a small business operator, how do you achieve great publicity? "The answer is simple - good public relations, and most especially, great press releases," said Delroy. This blog, The Ultimate Publicist, is all about how you can maximize your media exposure. Enjoy! And best of luck with all your online and offline publicity-marketing endeavours.

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