Do you have a “Reasons why Valentine’s Day sucks?”

The obvious reasons pertain to being single, but there are plenty of reasons to hate on V-day, even if you are attached.

As opposed to the romantics who believe Valentine's Day is all hugs and kisses, here are my Facebook friends’ reasons why Valentine’s Day isn't a fun time of the year. In other words, Valentine’s Day SUCKS! Emma Caroline Lewis My husband and I don't celebrate it; we don't feel the need to. We love each other every day! It is far too commercial and seems a great opportunity for people to "show off" with extravagant gifts they probably can't afford... Wyvolyn Gager When you think that some men are sending out V-gifts to various women - what is it really about except another boom for merchants? I agree, Emma, that we should express our love daily not just on February 14! Sancia Campbell It’s just stupid! lol! Like everyone else, I believe love should be celebrated daily. I don't need a baby in diapers with a bow and arrow calling himself a silly name to get me to 'act' like I’m in love. And as WG said some men send gifts to more than one woman - that doesn't make me feel special at all! Karen Bent People go overboard with the love and crappy, (while) the rest of the year, fake!!!! Totlyn Oliver … people (sellers) want you to buy all kinds of things for your Valentine... like Christmas did not just leave around the corner... As a romantic at heart, I never celebrate Valentine’s Day, and so I don’t have a difficulty endorsing my Facebook friends’ sentiments… in that Valentine’s Day is stupid! But you dare you tell some people that, because if you don't send flowers, if you don't take your loved one out to a dinner ... if you don't buy a Tiffany ring ... then actually you are a loser or you’re just not hip. Commercially, I believe retailers will continue to do whatever they can to make it grow and make it even more overwhelming… another way to force you to spend your hard earned money on frivolity. Another observation is that in most cases Valentine’s Day can be bad for your life. But how so? It Can Be Bad for Your Life Psychologist and Relationships Australia vice-president, Anne Hollonds, says Valentine's Day can be stressful for newly formed couples. "It can create a little bit of anxiety because you're not sure what the other person's expectations are and whether they think it's a big deal," said Hollonds. She says it is important to show love and affection to your partner throughout the year, not just on February 14. "The way that you do that, you don't need to spend a lot of money, in fact you don't need to spend any money," noted the Australian Psychologist. The day of romance can also be rough for single people and those who have recently split. "There is certainly a lot of focus on love and romance and people being happy because they've got love and romance," observed Hollonds. However, if you’ve recently broken up or been unhappily single, Hollonds points out that that can be pretty tough too. I conclusion, I close with the following fact: FACT: St. Valentine, the Saint after whom the Holiday of love is named, spent his life honouring vows of celibacy... ...Or did he?

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