Jamaica’s only personalized Wholesale & Meatmart official launched!

Goodwill Wholesale & Meatmart, Jamaica’s only personalized wholesale and meat mart, if now up and running. [caption id="attachment_1382" align="alignright" width="245" caption="Woodwill Wholesale & Meat! offers 'call in', 'text-in', 'eMail' order and delivery service at a nominal cost"][/caption] "What makes us different and unique from the competition is the simple fact that we are the only one that offers our customers 'call in', 'text-in', 'eMail' order and delivery service at a nominal cost," said an enterprising Durrant Pate, a journalist by profession with a Masters in Business Administration MBA from the prestigious Mona School of Business, University of the West Indies, Mona campus in Kingston, Jamaica. In addition, Mr. Pate provides an exclusive service for qualified customers, wishing to order and have delivered with their grocery items and meat,  farm fresh produce and ground provisions. Goodwill Wholesale & Meatmart also offers specials and discounts for qualified customers. The business is located at 139 ¾ -141 Water Lane in downtown Kingston and is strategically located in close proximity to where the new bus terminus for the corporate area is being built, making it convenient for commuting customers. "The objective of the business," according to Mr. Pate,"is not just about winning customers, but about building goodwill, which will in turn lead to customer loyalty." Contact Information: GOODWILL WHOLESALE & MEATMART Jamaica’s only personalized Wholesale & Meatmart 139 ¾ - 141 Water Lane, downtown Kingston Tele: 366-5755 Email: goodwill_wholesale.meatmart@yahoo.com

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