Jamaica could become a hub for business from CHINA … PM tells Chinese investors!

Prime Minister Bruce Golding has told Chinese investors that his government wants to develop Jamaica as a hub for Chinese commerce and trade with the wider Central and South America countries. "We are strategically located, sitting mid-point between North and South America. We have the seventh largest natural harbor in the world and we have a port which we want to develop into an entire complex using the facilities for the trans-shipment, assembly and the break bulking of goods that would come from China for markets in Central, South America and the Caribbean," said Mr. Golding, who is now in Beijing, China on an official visit, which has initiated a series of meetings February 2 to discuss new and existing investment opportunities between both countries. At his meeting with China’s State Development and Investment Corporation (SDIC), Mr. Golding said Jamaica is particularly interested in investments as distinct from loans to the country as his government is pursuing a strategy to reduce Jamaica’s high level of indebtedness. "Many of the things that need to be done to stimulate development on a sustained basis can be done by private investments. Even where it has to be a state sponsored project, it would generate its own internal returns to support the financing that would be required to make the investment possible’, he said. The Prime Minister welcomed the opportunities offered by SDIC through its investment company COMPLANT for investments that have been to the mutual benefit of both countries. The SDIC through its CEO, Wang Huisheng has agreed to have its technical team meet with members of the Jamaican delegation while here in Beijing. Two teams will further explore and identify projects that could assist Jamaica in its own development while at the same time further strengthen China’s relationship with the Caribbean and Latin America. THE SDIC has become China ’s largest state owned investment company and has two major business frameworks; one in the area of industrial investment and the other in financial services. COMPLANT, already a major investor in Jamaica through the construction of the Trelawny stadium and the Montego Bay Convention Centre, is now considering making additional investments in other areas. ‘The SDIC will support COMPLANT to do further business in Jamaica and agrees that COMPLANT will never leave Jamaica’, Mr. Wang Huisheng said. Contact: Communications Unit-OPM Tel: 926-0244 Fax: 920-4684 Email: opm.news@opm.gov.jm

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