• How can a press release serve your business needs?
(News Release, February 1, 2010)Whyte-Hall Communications, a new internet-based public relations consultancy that helps small business owners (professionals, consultants, entrepreneurs)  boost sales, build credibility, and create a powerful presence using low-cost, high impact publicity and social media methods, has officially launched its new Press Release Service. A well-written press release always serves your business well:
  • It attracts the attention of a wide audience.
  • It builds your business reputation.
  • It increases targeted traffic to your site.
  • And most importantly - it boosts sales rates.
“With our press releases, your company now has the opportunity to show its professionalism and earn the trust of your target audience,” said Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, head of Whyte-Hall Communications. Delroy further highlighted that any event in your company (anniversaries, opening of new subsidiaries, staff appointments, etc.) can be turned into a compelling press release. “Our copy writer will relate your news in a way that receives the maximum response from your clientele,” he said. Press releases are provided for print or the web for US$175 per release, but they do not handle submissions at this time. To use this news Press Release service, please contact Delroy by eMail:, or visit his website.

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