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PR Ponderings: Get a Provocative Publicity Marketing Thought of the Day! As our world communicates at an ever-increasing pace, I've come up with a simple way to help you improve your marketing day by day, without sending you into overload. PR Ponderings is a microzine (tiny ezine) that gives you, Monday through Friday, one concise public relations (publicity) thought to ponder.  Read it in the morning and let it reverberate the rest of the day.  It's free. If you're already on Twitter, here's how to subscribe. For instance, here are three samples PR Ponderings:
To prevent "feast or famine," you must have a marketing pipeline always bringing you new prospects, whether times are good or bad.
Elevator speech template: "I specialize in helping ___ (who?) who have ___ (what problem?) get ___ (what result?)"
Do you have something to offer those who arrive at your web site ready to spend a lot as well as those ready to spend a little?
Yes, each boxed item above is a whole PR Ponderings!  Some Fridays, the message also includes a special discount or giveaway offer valid until that Sunday evening. This microzine is free and delivered by Twitter early each weekday morning. Sign up and you never receive trivialities about my car, books I’m reading, or what I’m having for lunch - nothing but a useful little PR (publicity) nugget like the above.  You receive it on your Twitter home page - or, if you set things up to do so, in your email inbox or on your cell phone. If you arrived at this page not knowing who I am, please read Delroy A. Whyte-Hall's LinkedIn Profile or poke around the rest of this site. How to Subscribe If you are already a Twitter user, sign up for PR Ponderings using either of these two methods: 1.      Go to while you are logged in and click the button that says "Send Request."  Don't worry, you'll be promptly approved!  If you don't see the "Send Request" button, you need to log in. OR... 2.      In the Twitter input box on your Twitter home page, application or phone, wherever you normally type your tweets, write "follow PRponderings" (without the quote marks) and click "update."  Twitter treats this as a system command rather than sending it to your followers as a tweet. If you're not already on Twitter, here is how to sign up:
  1. A. Go to and provide the requested information.  Then use step 1 or 2 in the previous section to subscribe to PR Ponderings.  Starting the following weekday morning, you'll see a PR Ponderings each day when you log into your Twitter account.
  2. B. To receive PR Ponderings on your cell phone as a text message, sign up for Twitter as in #A, then see these instructions.
  3. C. To receive PR Ponderings by email, whether on your mobile phone or your computer, sign up for Twitter as in #A, then sign up at TweetbyMail.
  4. D. To receive PR Ponderings by RSS feed, sign up for Twitter as in #A, then go to and scroll down to find and click on the orange RSS icon.  You'll be asked (possibly twice) for a username and password - they mean the username and password you used to sign up for Twitter.  Insert those and you'll be all set.
Questions & Answers Why is the account "protected"? This is envisioned as a subscription service for the benefit of those who sign up for it rather than content for the world at large. May we retweet PR Ponderings? Yes, please do.  Regular Twitter users will understand how to sign up for their own subscription if they like what they see. Will PR Ponderings respond to questions, comments and fan mail from followers? Sometimes yes - privately.  Any and all feedback is welcome. If I sign up for Twitter to receive “PR Ponderings”, will I be flooded with tweets from other people? I don't believe so.  Friends and colleagues may find you and ask to follow you, but no one can send you tweets unless you sign up to follow them.  If this is confusing, just remember this:  You can easily "unfollow" PR Ponderings or shut down your Twitter account at any time. When exactly do “PR Ponderings” go out? They go out every Wednesday at about 7 a.m. Eastern time. So sign up today!