Jamaica 4-H Joins Haiti Relief Effort!

(News Release, Kingston, January 15, 2010): The Jamaica 4-H Clubs, the island’s leading youth training agency, has joined the relief effort for victims of the earthquake-ravished island of Haiti, by transforming their parish offices into collection points for donated items for the Haitian children. “The 4-H Clubs expresses its sympathies to everyone who was affected by the devastating earthquake in Haiti, and particularly those who lost their loved ones. As a youth training organization, we are especially sympathetic towards those children who are suffering in one way or another as a result of the earthquake,” said 4-H Chairman, Vindel Kerr . Effective immediately, all 4-H parish offices including the National Headquarters (contacts and addresses attached) have now been activated as collection centres for items for the children of Haiti. “We are urging everyone to give what they can for those victims and in particular, the children of Haiti,” said Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, Lenworth Fulton. He explained that all items collected will be channeled to major relief outlets such as the Salvation Army so that they can be included among the many other items that are being collected for the Haitians. He noted that his own members of staff, volunteers and clubites are also free to join the initiative by making their personal contributions. He added that at least one parish officer was one of the first to suggest this islandwide effort by the organization. Contributions, he noted, can include food and items of clothing. “Items which will help to bring immediate relief and comfort to children, particularly those whose families have been displaced as a result of the disaster are welcome,” he added. The Jamaica 4-H Clubs the youth training arm of the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, trains youngsters between the ages of five and 25 in the areas of Agriculture, Home Economics, Environmental Management, Healthy Lifestyle, Leadership and Social Skills.

Collection Centres (4-H Parish Development officers)

Eugenie Walters St. Ann 4-H Clubs,2 Waltham Drive, Browns Town, St. Ann. 917-9479, 547-2893, Email: stann4h@yahoo.com
Errol Wynter Hanover 4-H Clubs, 9 Haughton Court, Lucea P.O., Hanover. 956-3459, 547-2886, Email: hanover4hclubs@yahoo.com
Natanish Hines Trelawny 4-H Clubs, 9 Seaboard Street, Falmouth P.O., Trelawny 617-2409, 547-2921, Email: trelawny4h@yahoo.com
Fiona Banton St. James 4-H Clubs, R.A.D.A. Complex, Catherine Hall, Montego Bay, St. James 940-5360, 547-2889, Email: stjames4h@yahoo.com
Garfield Ewart Westmoreland 4-H Clubs, C/o  R.A.D.A., Llandilo, Savanna-la-mar P.O.Westmoreland 955-9551, 547-2910, Email: westmoreland4h@yahoo.com.sg
Bridgette Powell St. Elizabeth 4-H Clubs, Shop 42 Santa Plaza, Santa Cruz, St. Elizabeth. 966-6074, 547-2908, Email: steliz4hclub@yahoo.com
Malonia Harper Manchester 4-H Clubs, 2B Caledonia Road, Mandeville P.O., Manchester. 961-3599, 547-2901, 625-4770 fax, Email: central4hclubs@yahoo.com
Frances Nash-Robinson Clarendon 4-H Clubs, Denbigh Show Ground, May Pen  P.O., Clarendon. 986-7767, 547-2902, 902-4047 fax, Email: clarendon4hclubs@yahoo.com
Calvon Watson St. Catherine 4-H Clubs, Rose Hall, Linstead P.O, St. Catherine. 903-0009, 547-2912, Email: calvonwtsn@yahoo.com
Charlene Butler St. Mary 4-H Clubs, Highgate P.O., St. Mary. 992-2210, 547-2917, Email: stmary4hclub1@cwjamaica.com
Velma Walker St. Andrew 4-H Clubs, 95 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. 927-4050-2, 547-2915, 978-3209 fax,         Email: standrew4hclub@yahoo.com
Michael Whitley Kingston 4-H Clubs, 95 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. 927-4050-2, 978-3209, 547-2916, Email: kingston4hclub2@yahoo.com
Dwain Moodie St. Thomas 4-H Clubs, C/o RADA, Belfast, P.O. Box 46, Morant Bay, St. Thomas. 982-1479, 547-2914. Email: stthomas4h@yahoo.com
Andre Anderson Portland 4-H Clubs, 6 Allan Avenue, Port Antonio P.O., Portland. 792-8378, 715-3859, Email: portland4hclubs@yahoo.com
Karelle McCormack Jamaica 4-H Clubs National Headquarters, 95 Old Hope Road, Kingston 6. 927-4050-2, 978-3209 fax, Email: jamaica.4h@cwjamaica.com
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