Not Taking a Layoff Lying Down!

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, an enterprising Jamaican entrepreneur, tells the world about the company he created, how he did it, and what he has learned at What I Did: After my position as Public Relations Manager was made redundant in January 2009, I set about establishing a new Internet-based public relations consultancy that provides services to help entrepreneurs and small business owners boost their sales, create public awareness, and build credibility with free media exposure. Why? I've spent over 20 years in journalism and public relations management. I think it would be the best thing to do after investing so much time in those two areas. The result: Whyte-Hall Communications. How I Did It: As is the case for most entrepreneurs, this is my second time around at running my business. Prior to accepting full-time employment, I ran my business, same as I am now doing, but I then offered my PR writing and photography services to Advertising and Public Relations Agencies. Things worked for a while, where I even had a contract as Editor-in-Chief of a monthly business publication. After three years of freelancing my services, I was getting enough assignments to keep me going. My editorial contract also came to an end. This lasted from 2000-2004. As a result, I opted for full-time employment in 2004, a stint that lasted until January 2009. Now that I am captaining my ship again, I have found the past 12 months to be the most challenging time of my life, yet interesting and satisfying. Firstly, I went through a serious learning curve to set up my Internet-based consultancy… establishing my websites, blogs, and social networks, among other things that one needs to do to survive in a virtual-based business. So far, I have pretty much learned how to find my way around the web better than the average web-surfer… as it related to running a serious web-based business. And as it relates to the various social network platforms, I believe I have developed a very impressive online presence, and an internet-based business, that offers:
  • Affordable PR Programme
  • SMEs PR Mentor programmes
  • One-2-One BizProfiles
  • Blog Copy Writing
  • Marketing with Newsletters
  • Event & PR Photography.
Lessons Learned:
  • Being competitive in the marketplace is a real advantage.
  • Getting and retaining new accounts is the real engine of this business. Clients means cash flow, and without cash flow, your business will eventually die.
  • A strong PR and marketing programme is key in driving "sales"
  • The toughest thing in this business is to "predict demand". Making sure that I have enough services and products to adequately fulfill my clients’ needs is a constant challenge.
  • Practice what you preach! I use the same services I offer my clients to propel my business.
Mitchell York, Entrepreneurs Guide, says: Congrats for taking control instead of letting others run your life. Self-employment is always a challenge but it beats working "for the man." Help Others Learn! Tell the world about the company you created, how you did it, and what you have learned in the process. Reader Submissions: Tell Your Entrepreneurship Story

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