A devastating reminder of nature’s fury!

An opportunity to help and learn about this Caribbean country! This morning brought unfortunate news: Haiti, no stranger to devastation and misery, suffered a brutal 7.3 magnitude earthquake and thousands are feared to be dead. In a country where approximately 80% of the population lives in poverty, finding and treating living victims, rebuilding, and preventing the scale of destruction the next time an earthquake hits will be a major undertaking. [caption id="attachment_1241" align="alignleft" width="443" caption="A devastating 7.3 earthquake has struck Haiti!"][/caption] small solace is seeing the news pouring in of international relief efforts. Anyone who would like to donate privately can look for options among these respected relief agencies: • International Red Cross • OxFam • Medecins Sans Frontieres • American Red Cross To understand a bit of the historical context of the country, I turned to a number of helpful, informative Hubs on the subject: • Haiti - Its People and History?- a brief political history and economic rundown, along with pictures • Haiti: Past and Future From 16th-Century Colonialism to 21st-Century Globalization - a Harvard thesis provides a longer historical treatment • Is Haiti Doomed? - commentary on the reasons for the country's economic woes • Medical Mission to Haiti - a pharmacist describes a recent aid trip to the country, with pictures As the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami raised the level of attention to preparedness and coordinated prevention measures, maybe the silver lining to this dark cloud will be improved infrastructure and preparation to forestall the same level of destruction when the next natural disaster hits. Have a great week, everyone. By JASON MENAYAN, HubPages.com