2 comments on “The New Media tsunami is changing the marketplace for small businesses!

  1. Delroy,

    Excellent post. You are so right. Everything about the media is changing, and fast! Newspapers, magazines, tv, radio — all are experiencing major drops in audience and revenue. The book industry is soon to follow as e-book readers hit the market en masse. It’s an amazing time. Will be fascinating to see how the old media adapts or dies in the coming years, and how the new media forges a path. The media landscape will surely look very different.

    • Hi Susan, thanks for dropping in and making such a worthwhile comment to my post. This is an open invitation to you and the many others out there who support what I am doing here for entrepreneurs and small business owners: Please feel free to send me any news or article you might have that that you think will be of interest our readers, Ok?

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