National Gallery of Jamaica Opens 2010 with “Edward Lucie-Smith: 40 Photographs”

The National Gallery of Jamaica will on January 17 hold its first exhibition for 2010, Edward Lucie-Smith: 40 Paintings, starting at 11 am. The exhibition, which consists of a selection of 40 of the 61 photographs, were recently donated to the National Gallery [caption id="attachment_1156" align="alignleft" width="300" caption="Edward Lucie-Smith"][/caption] of Jamaica by noted Jamaican-born art critic, poet and photographer Edward Lucie-Smith, and serves to inaugurate this important donation to the Jamaican public. “The 61 photographs,” according to Executive Director Veerle Poupeye, “were selected from Edward Lucie-Smith’s photographic archives and specially printed for the National Gallery. The framing of the 40 works in the inaugural exhibition was generously sponsored by Hi-Qo Gallery.” The speakers will be Edward Lucie-Smith, introduced by noted Jamaican painter, Judy Ann MacMillan, and David Boxer, who will introduce the photographs in the exhibition. The exhibition will remain on view until March 6. ABOUT THE ARTIST Edward Lucie-Smith was born in Kingston, Jamaica on February 27, 1933 and settled in Britain in 1946. He studied at King's School, Canterbury and Merton College, Oxford, and was an Education Officer in the Royal Air Force and an advertising copywriter before becoming a freelance author, journalist and broadcaster. He began his literary career as a poet, has published four collections of poetry with Oxford University Press, and is currently a member of the Academie Europenne de Poesie. He is well known for his numerous books on art and related subjects and has acted as curator for many exhibitions and lectured extensively all over the world. Art Tomorrow website BBC Four audio interviews 'Gods Becoming Men' website BOOKS include:
  • Movements in Art since 1945 (1969)
  • A Concise History of French Painting (1971)
  • Eroticism in Western Art (1972 - revised edition published as Sexuality in Western Art, 1991)
  • Symbolist Art (1972)
  • Fantin Latour (1977)
  • Art Today (1977)
  • A Concise History of Furniture (1979)
  • A Cultural Calendar of the 20th Century (1979)
  • Art in the 1970s (1980)
  • The Story of Craft (1981)
  • A History of Industrial Design (1983)
  • The Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Art Terms (1984)
  • Art of the 1930s (1985)
  • American Art Now (1985)
  • Lives of the Great Twentieth Century Artists (1985)
  • Sculpture Since 1945 (1987)
  • Art in the 1980s (1990)
  • Art Deco Painting (1990)
  • Fletcher Benton (1990)
  • Jean Rustin (1990)
  • Harry Holland (1991)
  • Wendy Taylor (1992)
  • Andres Nagel (1992)
  • Alexander (1992)
  • Art and Civilization (1992)
  • (ed.) The Faber Book of Art Anecdotes (1992)
  • 20th Century Latin American Art (1993)
  • Race, Sex and Gender in Contemporary Art (1994)
  • Elisabeth Frink: A Portrait (1994)
  • John Kirby (1994)
  • American Realism (1994)
  • Art Today (a completely new text - 1995)
  • Visual Arts in the 20th Century (1996)
  • Albert Paley (1996)
  • Other publications include the Penguin Book of Elizabethan Verse, and British Poetry Since 1945 (standard anthology, also published by Penguin).
EXHIBITIONS Wrote the main catalogue essay and was consultant for the re-opening show of the American Craft Museum, New York - Poetry of the Physical (1989). Consultant curator and wrote a major catalogue essay for Art of the Fantastic: Latin American Art 1929-1987, at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Co-curated The Self Portrait: A Modern View, a show of 60 self-portraits held at Art-Site, Bath, in 1987. This exhibition toured other British Museums and galleries for over year. Co-curated the touring exhibition The New British Painting, mounted by the Cincinnati Contemporary Arts Center. This toured US venues, 1988-90. Curated three Peter Moores Projects (major surveys of current British painting and sculpture) at the Walker Art Gallery, Liverpool, in 1977, 1979 and 1981. LECTURES Has lectured in Belgium, Luxemburg, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico and Australia under the auspices of the British Council. Was keynote speaker at the World Craft Council conference in Sydney, and one of the chief speakers at NordForm in Malmo, and at a recent international conference (June 1994) on the future of Design and Craft Museums held at the Rohss Museum, Gothenberg. In 1993 made a five-week lecture tour of New Zealand, under the auspices of the QE II (Arts Council of New Zealand). In 1994 lectured at Hong-Ik University, Seoul, Korea. In 1996 was a member of the jury for the 6th Cairo Biennale and one of the chief speakers at the conference connected with the exhibition. Also lectured at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Santiago, Chile. In 1997 was a member of the jury of the 3rd Sharjah Biennale (U.A.E.). Has also lectured at the National Gallery, London the National Gallery, Washington Michigan State University, East Lansing The University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Loyola University, New Orleans The University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia Haverford University, Pennsylvania Yale School of Art Rhode Island School of Design Bilkent University, Ankara, and the Theatre de l'Odeon, Paris. ~ ~ ~ Submit your press releases, announcements, event and photos to us at: