1. The underlying problem is that government here and abroad are printing so much money. By definition, this is inflation and the secondary symptoms are rising prices and the debasement of one’s currency. Gold is a hedge against inflation; since governments and central banks can print unlimited amounts of money…Gold is limited in supply. Also, looking at all other comodity prices such as Oil and food prices increasing in the past few months…..this is a significant signs of inflation. Government pass these laws because, they want to prevent a total loss in the local currency and thus, hyperinflation that would insue. If I were u, I would put a large percentage of my income (cash) into hard assets: Gold, Silver or foreign currency (except US$ or Britith Pound)

  2. Your suggestion to put a large percentage of our income in to hard assets is an excellent idea, but it has one draw back. The majority of us don’t have money to invest our income in gold, silver or foreign currency. For years now, many of us have been living from pay-cheque to pay-cheque. Now the world come tumbling down around us, and there we go with it. My suggestion is that if we want to half the problem, stop the greed and the hoarding, and start sharing with those who don’t have. See what’s happened in Haiti? If the hurricane didn’t come and lift the lid off the perennial problems, then you’d be having so many hypocrits rushing to offer assistance… all because they want to be in the glare of the word’s television lights.

  3. Just heard some one calling a radio pastor asking for prayers for a friend, who left Jamaica to go seek wealth in the land of milk and honey (Miami, USA)… she requested spiritual break through for him. The irony is that when this person was in Jamaica and not working, there was no need to seek spiritual intervention to get work. Going to America one would have believed that that in itself was a spiritual break through.

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