Cabinet Retreat Set For Weekendd… Parliament Resumes January 19, 2010!

Arising out of yesterday’s Cabinet sitting, Cabinet has scheduled a 4-day retreat for this Thursday-Sunday (January 7-10), during which it will deal with matters affecting the economy, chief among which, will be the status of the negotiations with the International Monetary Fund (IMF). Minister with Responsibility for Information Daryl Vaz, said other matters which will be high on the agenda for this weekend’s retreat will be  the government’s medium term economic programme, the 2010-2011 budget, the debt management programme, the status of the Public Sector Transformation Programme as well as government’s legislative agenda. The first sitting of Parliament he said has been scheduled for January 19 at which time Parliament will be updated on the outcome of the matters dealt with at the Cabinet retreat. Coming out of the cabinet meeting yesterday, the decision on the date for the first sitting of Parliament was communicated to the Leader of Opposition Business in the House, Derrick Kellier. Mr. Vaz said that after the retreat, government will be in a position to advise of the date for the debate in Parliament on the new tax measures. Minister Vaz noted that Cabinet held its full meeting yesterday, the first official working day of the year and will be reporting to the nation on matters  come January 19, when Parliament resumes its full working session. Contact: Communications Unit-OPM Tel:        926-0244 Fax:       920-4684 Email: ~ ~ ~ Submit your press releases, announcements, event and photos to us at: