The Jamaican Kittitian (JamKit) Association expresses gratitude to each and everyone who supported our events in 2009. As we start a new year and a new decade we look back at 2009 which has given most of us invaluable experience with much relief. The experiences of 2009 should only serve to make us stronger and more experienced to deal with the challenges ahead in 2010. Let us be thankful that amidst all the ups and downs, we did make it to 2010 and once we are here we do have a chance. As we march into 2010 let us strive to do more good, help one more person in need and share more for 2010. As we look forward to your ongoing support of the JamKit Association's activities, we wish for you, your families and your businesses a productive, healthy and prosperous 2010. One love! Carol Phillips (President) JamKit Association PO Box 1770 Bassterre St Kitts

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