10 Publicity Tips Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners Need To Survice In 2010!

How do you best promote yourself, your business or your cause using publicity? The list could easily be 100 items long. But 10 items stand out that can make yours a winning publicity campaign. If you follow these 10 tips, you tremendously increase your chances of getting publicity. Here is my top 10 publicity list going into 2010. What’s yours?
  1. Establish a Consistent Look: A great way to get your release pulled and looked at first, is if the editor becomes familiar with your name and the look and quality of your previous stories.
  2. Submit Anything To Start Off With: Get your name on file. Whether or not they run your first story isn't important, you just want to have a 'previous story' on file the next time something important in your field comes up.
  3. Keep On Submitting: Always be on the lookout for good stories. Editors need to see your name popping up regularly, not just once or twice a year.
  4. Watch The News: Become 'The Authority' on your subject. Watch what's happening around the world. Send out timely press releases connecting your story to local, national or world news. Be ready when editors call wanting to know about something that broke the news this morning.
  5. Keep Up On The Trades: Understanding the trends and aims of your profession is essential to your being able to speak knowledgeably when called on short notice.
  6. Piggyback Your Cause: Find community events where you can offer your services. If media personalities know you can deliver a good interview, they'll be very interested in talking to you.
  7. Be A Character: Don't be afraid to get out of yourself. Study successful talk show hosts. Watch how they work topics, how they keep your attention. Become a fun, knowledgeable person to interview. Your character is as important to an interviewer as your story is. You don't have to be outrageous (although that can be a real plus), just an enjoyable, knowledgeable expert in your field.
  8. Network In All The Right Places: Go to the gala balls, the fund raising banquets, the Lions Club or Country Club events. Anywhere the press might be looking, be sure they see you hanging out. Make a point of striking up a conversation as often as comfortably possible.
  9. Remember Names: Everybody loves to hear their name. Especially reporters. Carry a small spiral notebook and write down names and details on every media person you meet. It helps immensely in remembering who they are the next time you run across them around town.
  10. Finally, be 100% Reliable: Reporters become incredibly frustrated when someone cancels or postpones an interview ' or worse, don't show for the interview. Establish a rock solid reputation for being a reliable interview. Also become known as a person who can be available on short notice for an interview. Reporters will love you for that.
What's yours? I'd love to hear from you. Please share your comments here.