Publicist Offers FREE “Small Biz Focused” Publicity eReport!

  • 101 Publicity Tips & Ideas for Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners!

Every business needs publicity, but the small the small business owner needs it the most! There is no better way to help jumpstart your business or supplement your company’s ongoing advertising than doing a good job at public relations, and so, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, head of the new internet-based publicity-marketing consultancy Whyte-Hall Communications, wants to make life a little easier, promotionally, for the nation’s entrepreneurs and small business owners.

One way he is doing that is to offer a free “publicity-marketing” eReport: “101 Publicity Tips & Ideas for Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners”, which is available via eMail or by calling his office.

“Over the past year, I have noticed how easy it is for small business to get lost in the competitive crowd,” said Whyte-Hall, “and for too long, PR has been misunderstood, poorly measured and loosely implemented, with rigid and inflated consultancy fee structures preventing small businesses from experiencing the benefits of a well-structured campaign.”

He believes it is a myth that small businesses cannot use PR to their advantage, and that he has set out to break it by leading a revolution to shake free from these stereotypical shackles and flying the small business flag all the way!

“I have made it my mission to provide small businesses with the knowledge and assistance required to use PR effectively,” said Whyte-Hall, who has basically reinvented the PR wheel so that SMEs can think big, stand out and be heard

Whyte-Hall, who has over 20 years experience in journalism and public relations, added that public relations doesn’t need to be painful. In fact, he believes it can be fun! “After all,” he said, “what’s more rewarding than promoting your own business? You know your business better than anyone, but knowing HOW to promote it is the key. That’s where our eReport – “101 Publicity Tips & Ideas for Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners”- can help.”

For more information on how to request your free “101 Publicity Tips & Ideas for Professionals, Entrepreneurs & Small Business Owners” eReport call (876) 382-7135 or eMail:

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As a professional copywriter, I write for the real estate industry! Who do I serve? • realtors, agents, agencies, firms! How do I help you change? • Spread the word about their products and services using the best, simplest, and most reasonable way to do so: press releases. What brings you looking for me? • Your business has something newsworthy, so I'll help you spread the word using my affordable press release writing services. My PR will not only improve the image of your business but also the rankings on search engines.

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