Prime Minister Bruce Golding will address the issue of the government’s proposed tax package in a national broadcast to be aired on Wednesday, December 23, on all radio and television stations.

The decision was taken following a series of meetings with members of the Cabinet and a technical team from the Ministry of Finance during which a number of new proposals were discussed.

The meetings were held in the wake of a statement on Sunday in which the Prime Minister said he had heard the cry and appeal of the Jamaican people and their concerns about the proposed new tax measures.

In his statement, the Prime Minister indicated that government would re-examine the existing composition of the tax package. He said this would be done in order to determine if there are suitable alternatives to finding the $21-Billion of revenue required to support the programme negotiated with the International Monetary Fund (IMF), while at the same time reducing the harsh impact on the society, especially the poor and vulnerable.

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