Prime Minister Bruce Golding has written to Opposition Leader, Portia Simpson Miller, advising that he will address the changes to the tax package in a national broadcast tomorrow evening and for a debate in Parliament early in the new year, on the details of the proposed IMF programme. The national broadcast will be aired on mainstream television and radio stations at 9:00pm on Wednesday (Dec 23). Responding to a December 21st letter from Mrs. Simpson Miller, the Prime Minister had this to say: “I propose to address the nation through a national broadcast tomorrow evening in which I will outline the changes to the tax package as announced last Thursday. Every effort has been made to minimize the impact on the majority of the Jamaican people who we know are already burdened by the impact of the global recession. It is to be recognized however, that the widening gap between our revenues and expenditure must be cauterized. This is an essential prerequisite for an IMF programme and the support of the other multilateral institutions which is contingent thereon. Critical to the IMF programme, as well is the implementation of the new tax package as of January 1. As I indicated  to you  on Thursday, we will facilitate a debate in  Parliament early in the new year not only on the details of the proposed  IMF programme but on the medium term economic strategy and performance targets as well as the policies to be pursued to stimulate economic growth and job creation”.

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