An Unholy $21.8-billion Tax Package?

Are you upset and disturbed by the news that come January morning news year, Jamaicans will start feeling the severe bite of a $21.8-billion tax package … part of what the Government had to commit to in order to qualify for the US$1.2-billion loan from the International Monetary Fund (IMF)? The tax package, the third for the fiscal year, was announced in Parliament yesterday (December 17, 2009) by Finance Minister Audley Shaw. Besides the increasing the General Consumption Tax from 16.5 per cent to 17.5 per cent, several food items and services, previously not taxed on the GCT base, were included. From this Government expects to net from this $3.6 billion and $6.2 billion respectively. Reaction to the new tax package: Delroy W: “A fine is a tax for doing something wrong. A tax is a fine for doing something right.” Patrick A.G: “Well how about the “Richie” riches of Jamaica????????????? Their cars are never stopped...Their buildings are never searched... So they are always right so... NO FINE. The(y) earn the most and pay the least TAX... Wow!!!!!!” Cassandra F: “Mi caan tek di pressure...” Sophie C: (responding to Delroy’s comments above): “Haha... not our friendship... that does not have a cost to it mi friend.... keep strong through these trying times.” Patrick A: “Imagine the tax collector going through Coronation Market." Annette A: “Dear Auntie Mattie, please sen a barril wid onion, cornmeal, sugar, dutty gal (tin mackerel) and bully beef for me. tings bad dung 'ere. Ur luving neice, Annie... PS remember Kellogs caanflakes too and milk powder fi mix wid it!” Jodi-Ann G: “God naw sleep...Look how nuff a unnu cuss sista P? And watch ya now! Wi need fi get a early election because if dis is just year two...when him 5 year done...every Jamaican a walk pon street with one hand in front and di odda behine!” Raquel M: “More taxes to contend with... what is this Government trying to do... kill all of us. Everything tax... how on earth you must tax fresh fruits and vegetables? Government please give us a break... PAYE is already so high!!! Mr. Government give poor people a break man... memba say a poor people put u which part you de!!!!” Diana L: “10 pm last night I started a three days fast.( a fast is to undo heavey burden and to let the oppress go free).” Carone M: “May God have Mercy on our poor... with the news of all these new taxes how can I have a Merry Christmas...Thank you Mr. Golding for your Christmas present to Jamaica, I hope when you are spending your $5,412,295.60 salary, you will remember the poor. I was in support for change but now with three boys WHOM! I cannot (take no) TAX. I have (to) take a different stance... this government is going to lead Jamaica in to a civil unrest.” Now that you have voiced your opinion, do you think the government could have come up with a more painless alternative? I am looking forward to share your comments... Source:


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