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Government not considering licensing regime for journalist

Minister with Responsibility for Information, Daryl Vaz, has given the assurance that government has no plans to establish any licensing regime for journalists.

Minister Vaz was responding to a report which claimed that the government might be moving to establish a licensing regime for journalists.  Both the Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) and the Media Association Jamaica (MAJ) have expressed their strong opposition to such a move.

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DNA Law… Paving the way toward naming of fathers

Prime Minister Bruce Golding told Parliament on  December 8 that DNA legislation will pave the way for mandatory registration of a father’s name on a newborn child’s birth certificate. The draft for the DNA legislation is complete and on its way to Cabinet for review.

The Prime Minister was responding to a question in Parliament from the Member for Central Kingston, Rev Ronald Thwaites on when the change in the regulations that will compel the naming of fathers, will start.

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Jamaica: Golding says delay in appointment of US Ambassador not unique to Jamaica

Jamaica’s Prime Minister Bruce Golding says the delay in the appointment of a new United States’ Ambassador to Jamaica may have been due to the State Department’s pre-occupation with other matters.

Speaking in Parliament on Tuesday, Mr. Golding cited what he said was a general delay in the “processing and approval of the President’s nominees for several postings” which, he pointed out, was not confined to Jamaica.

“The Ambassador to Trinidad, for example, was only appointed within the last couple of weeks,” Mr. Golding said in response to a question from Opposition spokesman on foreign affairs, Anthony Hylton, about the delay in the appointment of a new U.S. ambassador to Jamaica.

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Caribbean Youth Underutilised Disaster  Risk Reduction

Prime Minister Bruce Golding has called on the region’s disaster management professionals to empower communities to manage their own disaster prevention and risk recovery. He identified this as an area that is seriously lacking in the region’s response mechanisms. 

Speaking at the opening ceremony for the Caribbean Disaster Emergency Management Agency (CDEMA), in Montego Bay (December 8), Mr. Golding said that he was pleased with the theme, “Strengthening Caribbean Disaster Management through Youth and Community Empowerment”.

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National Gallery TV Special Postponed

Due to an unanticipated change in the airing schedule of the CMS Plus
reality TV programme, the segment in which the National Gallery is
featured will not be aired tonight but on Friday, December 18 instead.
Please watch the programme on CVM TV at 9 pm on that day! Veerle Poupeye.

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Secret Fantasies – December 26

SECRET FANTASIES, formerly known as the Asylum Nightclub, will on December 26 feature the hottest and most seductive event to be held come boxing day. Lots of prizes and surprises on hand along with some of the maddest DJs ripping the streets in Jamaica.

What’s your fantasy?

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 Making Your Car Your Computer

Not that anyone needs more proof that we’ve left the 20th Century in the dust, but our cars are becoming indistinguishable from our laptops. Texting and driving still ranks as a stupid strategy, right up there with the idea for New Coke, but it is increasingly becoming very possible to be safely connected to the Internet while behind the wheel, provided you do all the necessary clicking and typing before you press your foot on the gas. Full Coverage

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Sometimes Mompreneuers Have to Be More Mom than Preneuer

It’s true that a business is like a baby — unless you’re an entrepreneur who actually has children. Then you start to realize quickly that during all those years you ran a business and kept referring to it as your baby, you didn’t know what the heck you were talking about. Oh, sure, there are similarities, but a business never gets colic, there are no diapers required (unless your business is manufacturing them), and if you’re working on your company at 4 a.m., that’s generally your choice. Let’s put it this way: if you go to bed without taking care of important business matters, even if that makes you a bad entrepreneur, you aren’t going to be hauled into a police station for neglect. Full Coverage

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Authors Won’t Just Miss Oprah… So Will Small Business Owners

The authors seemed to get the most attention. Oprah Winfrey, 55, created bestsellers with her book club, and she has certainly helped turn some people into major stars (every day, one suspects, Dr. Phil bows to a shrine of Oprah), but she has also done a lot for small businesses as well. Over the years, Oprah has mentioned favorite products of hers, while beleaguered but grateful CEOs have then done everything they can to keep up with the sudden demand she has created. Full Coverage.

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