ALBUM REVIEW: CD: It’s A Beautiful Day!

Album: It's A Beautiful Day! Artiste: Rev. Clenord Ferguson Tracks: 15 Category: Praise & Worship Reviewed by Delroy A. Whyte-Hall Music has been called 'The International Language' - a very simple thought with much meaning behind it. Even if you can't speak the language of a country, you can move, sway, dance and most of all enjoy the music of the country. We may not understand the words of a musical selection but we do understand the beauty. [caption id="attachment_782" align="alignright" width="299" caption="Album Cover: It's A Beautiful Day!"][/caption] Have you ever heard the saying, 'Music soothes the savage beast?' It's true. Music can calm and revitalize us in ways even a lengthy nap can't. Music holds the power to elevate our moods above our worries and relieve debilitating depression. It can also perk us up if we use it for praise and worship.
Try listening The Rev. Clenord Ferguson’s new CD-Album, It’s A Beautiful Day and you’ll understand what I mean by praise and worship. Putting more praise and worship music in your life is a powerfully enriching tool. Therefore, I encourage you to give It’s A Beautiful Day a chance. Listen to the words and rhythms as well as the melody of each song. You may find something that speaks to your heart… a message you have been searching for all your life. Not only are these worshiping songs, but I am certain you could have a very super-doper Sunday afternoon being serenaded by the songs -  irrespective of who you are, you’d at least made a spiritual connection on this cross-cultural, multiple genre musical journey. Presented in a manner that crosses both cultural and denominational barriers, It’s A Beautiful Day is an album on which you will hear music that range from gospel, reggae, Latin, praise-and-worship, ballad, and a little 70’s funk. One of the strongest social statement or attitude the artiste seemed to have tried to make on the CD is to let people know that God is still in love with them and has not given up on them.  You will hear that through the words of the theme song, It’s A Beautiful Day, He Still Loves Me, Encourage Yourself In The Lord, or through the cry of a repentant sinner on Make Me Right. It’s A Beautiful Day is an offering of hope, encouragement, and support for people to know that God is a God of compassion who is forever in love with them.  It reflects the love, kindness, compassion, grace, goodness, and mercy that God has shown its author. Understand that anything that has the ability to alter our mood (positively or negatively), give language to feelings we cannot express, or transport us back in time or forward into the future is a spiritual force. It’s A Beautiful Day does all these things on varying levels. When we speak of things being spiritual, we are speaking of that which possesses the following: potential, purpose and power. Of the 15 tracts on the album, the one’s that ministers to me in a special way are: He Still Loves Me (Track # 4). The author wrote this song to encourage the hearts of people who struggle with guilt and shame every day. This song is a reminder that no matter what road life brings you down—God is still in love with you and that He doesn’t love you any more or any less today than He did yesterday. God Is In Control, featuring Papa San (Track #5). For me, this gives a definite Jamaican feel, with the unmistakable and infectious reggae, dancehall beat. This song echoes the theme of Psalm 46 that God was totally in charge of everything that goes on in our lives. One of the beautiful parts of this song is that it has the English transliteration of the Jamaican patois dialect. God Is Real (Track # 6). This one makes the tears flow uncontrollable for me. It makes you feel real conviction. This song reemphasizes the fact that God is there and He is not silent. Our situations may change and we might have varying life experiences but this song. The Family Song (Track #13).  If you are hurting for whatever the reason, especially if you see your family disintegrating before your eyes, then that’s the kind of problem that this song sets out to resolve, and bring comfort to a troubling soul. I’m Good With You (Track. 15). The CD ends on a very sober, positive and encouraging note with the engaging, but danceable, tract espousing a love, tempered only with longing and faith in a better life that things are going to work in one’s life, just the way they ought to. In spite of my obvious choices above, I am sure each song is definitely going to be a favorite of someone, and is bound to affect your life in some positive and meaningful way, notably bring you closer in a deeper, intimate relationship with God, or whomever you perceive Him to be. Overall, It’s A Beautiful Day will not get you bored. It’s a lot like driving – the conditions of the road and your personal driving style dictates the when you gear up or down, slowing down or speeding up. It keeps you in a state of spiritual alertness, while elevating our moods above our worries and relieving debilitating depression.



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