Book Review: Afraid to Sleep

by Aunjee (Author), Andrea Smith (Editor) I have had a many disturbing dreams in my life. Sometimes, I am so “afraid to sleep” I stay awake all night. Now I am no longer afraid, and if for reason you are afraid to sleep, I do, however, have a link at I’d like for you to read. This is one “frightening experience” that will keep you awake for a long, long time. There you’ll find a copy of Aunjee’s paperback, Afraid to Sleep, an important memoir in the vein of The Boy Called It and Screams from Childhood. Afraid to Sleep speaks of Aunjee’s heartbreaking account of abandonment through prose and poetry. In the book, she sheds light on a foster care system that failed her repeatedly and completely.... After the death of her father, Aunjee and her siblings were left to their own devices except for the terror they met at the hands of their mother, an emotionally unavailable woman with an explosive temper. When the courts deemed her unfit, the two sisters and two brothers were scattered between family and foster homes. Aunjee and her sister ended up in horrible place… a place that lacked love, compassion, and seemed to revel in humiliating and punishing Aunjee. Beaten on a daily basis and becoming a parent almost immediately after her 15th birthday did not deter her in finding salvation and striving later in life to be the beacon of hope for others as a social worker and champion of foster care reform. Afraid to Sleep is an interesting and eye-opening book. I encourage every mother and father to get a copy, because after you have read it, you’ll forever be awake to the “terror” and “injustices” that are being meted out to our defenseless and abandoned children across the world. After you have purchased and read the book, please send us your feedback: