Seaga’s ‘Revelations: ‘Beyond Political Boundaries’ and ‘The Grenada Intervention: The Inside Story’

The Edward Seaga Foundation invites you to the launch of ‘Revelations: Beyond Political Boundaries’ and ‘The Grenada Intervention: The Inside Story’ - two books from the former Prime Minister, tomorrow (Wednesday, September 23, 2009) at 5:30 PM, at the Hilton Hotel, Kingston. [caption id="attachment_588" align="alignright" width="72" caption="Edward Seaga, Former Prime Minister of Jamaica."][/caption] Both books represent a significant part of the work that Mr Seaga has been doing since he retired from politics in January 2005. Indeed, ‘Revelations: Beyond Political Boundaries’ is a compilation of the 27 major speeches Mr Seaga has given since that time. Mr Seaga speaks on the topics that matter to him - from child development to cultural identity, economic development, planning, race, religion, sports and the constitution. These are topics that Mr Seaga has addressed before in his previous roles of Prime Minister, Leader of the Opposition, and Member of Parliament. However, he has never before addressed the subjects in this voice. A major restriction which modified his public statements over the past four and a half decades is gone. “I no longer have the problems of earlier days when I had to speak within the boundaries of party policies. These thoughts are freely expressed,” said Mr Seaga.


A REMINDER: The U.S. Embassy’s Film Festival continues tomorrow night at the Tom Redcam Library with the showing of ‘Lilies of the Field’ (1963): Director Ralph Nelson. Starring Sidney Poitier, Lilia Skala. One Oscar (Sidney Poitier, Best Actor); four nominations. Based on the novel by William Edmund Barrett.


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