COSTING & PRICING WORKSHOP FOR ENTREPRENEURS The Jamaica Wellness and Authentic Jamaican Gift & Craft Clusters will on Wednesday, September 16-17 present  a workshop entitled "Accurate Costing & Pricing = Profitable Growth" at the JBDC Incubator & Resource Centre, Unit 10A 76 Marcus Garvey Drive, Kingston 13. For further information, please call 928-5161-5.


JBDC “OPEN HOUSE” TO SUPPORT “KUMBA ME YABBA” CHRISTMAS EVENT! In support of its premier Christmas event, Kumba Mi Yabba, the JBDC will host an Open House on Thursday, September 24, 2009 at its Corporate Office, 14 Camp Road, Kingston 4. According to a JBDC’s notice, the objective of this event will be to highlight and promote their upcoming Christmas event "Kumba Mi Yabba" as well as to provide training, advice and information in areas of business development. Representatives from several other government organizations have been invited to participate in the day's activities.  Organizations include: -          Companies Office of Jamaica -          Jamaica Intellectual Property Office -          Scientific Research Council -          Tax Administration Services Department Entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises are invited to come out and speak with the representatives regarding any issues they may have. Two free workshops will also be conducted in the following areas  between 10:00-4:00 pm: -          How do I start a business? -          The Financial Services Unit - How can you benefit?