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  • Small Business Association of  Jamaica Needs Waking Up!
  • Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) Has A New President!
  • The Buy Jamaican Campaign: Supporting Local Industry
  • International Finance Corporation Opens Jamaica Office
  • Government Recasting The 2009/10 Budget
  • Jamaican Athletes Have Confirmed… We’re Destined for Greatness… says PM Golding
  • Jamaican To Participate In U.S. Programme On Pandemic Disease
  • Technology Week Professional Development Series, September 7 to 10, 2009
  • Notices of Annual General Meetings
  • Calendar of Events
  • All You Need T Know About Starting a Manufacturing In Jamaica!
  • How to Make Your Submissions To The Blog Enterprise


Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) Needs Waking Up!

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall
Delroy A. Whyte-Hall

The Small Business Association of Jamaica mission statement reads: “To support the economic and social advancement of the membership through the provision of technical advice, training, consultancy and trade services, and the promotion of the principles of private enterprise and initiative.”

But as entrepreneurs, small business owners, and small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), can you honestly say you have had the benefit or support of the SBAJ, especially in this turbulent economic crisis?

I think not.

The SBAJ has lost its relevance.

Never before in the history of Jamaica have we experienced the level of job loss which has taken place over the past eight months. As a result, many of of those who lost their jobs were forced to start their own business without the guidance or support of the SBAJ, who rather take a “light under the bushel” approach to doing things. As a result, most people don’t even know that they exist, despite they have been around for many years.

It’s no wonder most people who are starting a business don’t even know where to go for information or advice. For example, I have been trying over the past two months to reach then President of the SBAJ, Edward Chin-Mook. I phoned the Trafalgar Road/Lady Musgrave Road office, and someone there told me that he was not in.

“How, then can I reached Mr. Chin-Mook?” I asked.

“Try his eMail address…” said the female voice on the other end of the phone line. She then gave me his eMail address.

I also gave the person my name and phone number and asked that the information be passed on to Mr. Chin-Mook when returns office. I don’t know whether the information was passed. Neither do I know whether Mr. Chin-Mook had received my eMail, because to this very day, I haven’t yet got a call or response to my eMail. I guess he was too busy with demiting office to care whether the public reach him or not.

To date, neither phone call nor eMail response have I received from the SBAJ’s president or office.

So, when you go on the SBAJ website and you see glowing write up about how the “association will also represent the views of the membership to the wider public, encourage the spirit of collaboration and cooperation and build positive examples of enthusiasm, dedication, consultancy and leadership,” one gets the feeling that words and action do not synchronise.

My belief is that the SBAJ has been around too long to be not to be pussy footing about, and needs to revisit what it set out as its core objectives, which are:

Fostering the growth and development of businesses and professional groups and to represent the entire micro and small business sector in Jamaica

Fostering, encouraging and developing small businesses throughout the island thus contributing to national and international development

Uniting the efforts of small businesses in the areas of purchasing and marketing as well as any other areas, which by pooling efforts, will bring about total benefits?

If there is a time that we need the SBAJ, it is now. We have a lot more entrepreneurs and to small-to-medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) than ever before… everyone seems to be groping in the dark. The government don’t really business whether we survive or die as long as they get it gets its taxes. The various captains of the big ships – like the PSOJ, The Chambers of Commerce, JMA, JEA, etc. don’t care a damn either, so if the SBAJ doesn’t take charge of its own business, then who is going to do it for us?

Wake up Mr. Chin-Mook. You are no longer president, but you occupy the second most powerful set in the SBAJ as vice-president. However, I hope you will see things differently from a more lowely perspective. And I hope the newly elected president and board will make a difference where you have fallen short.


Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ) Has A New President!

Damla James new president of the Small Business Association of Jamaica (SBAJ). He succeeded outgoing president, Edward Chin-Mook.

James is a chartered accountant with his own practice, Dalma James & Associates, which operates out of Ivy Crescent in Kingston. He has been with the SBAJ for over five years – the latter two of which he served as treasurer.

The SBAJ elected a new 12-member board for 2009/2010 term at its annual general meeting, which in turn selected James last month as the new leader.

The board includes past president Chin Mook, first vice-president Dr Meredith Derby, second VP Hensley Barr, secretary Bridgette Steele, assistant secretary Dollis Campbell, treasurer Charmaine Gravesandy, and assistant treasurer Hugh Johnson. The other members are Dawn Grant, Gale Peart, Howard Johnson Jr., Kevin Frith, Hugh Thompson and Oswald Smith.


The Buy Jamaican Campaign: Supporting Local Industry

In an effort to boost the manufacturing sector, the Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) launched its ‘Buy Jamaican… Build Jamaica’ Campaign in partnership with the National Commercial Bank Jamaica Limited (NCB) in February 2004.

Jamaican Fruits
Jamaican Fruits

The goal of this Campaign is to encourage support of high quality local products and to instill pride in producers and customers as it relates to brand Jamaica.

It is also geared towards exposing customers to inter-linkages within the economy and how these can be advanced through their support of local products.

The Campaign was not only aimed at the adult populace, but also targeted youths, who the JMA wanted to internalize the message that buying Jamaican products contribute to national development.

The JMA also wanted them to be cognizant of the quality of goods produced in Jamaica from an early age, so that this information would be passed on from generation to generation. This need to sensitize the youths heralded the Buy Jamaican Essay Competition in schools.

Jamaican Fashion & Apparel!
Jamaican Fashion & Apparel!

In its ongoing thrust to educate the Jamaican consumers, in particular the youths, the JMA in collaboration with NCB subsequently launched the second phase of the ‘Buy Jamaican… Build Jamaica’ Campaign, with its newest initiative being the Nicola Gordon-Rowe’s Schools’ Entrepreneurship Competition in April 2008.

Other activities under the second phase of the Campaign have included the mounting of billboards and island-wide Road Shows.

The response to the ‘Buy Jamaican…Build Jamaica’ Campaign has been overwhelming and is a testimony to the belief that high quality Jamaican manufactured goods can hold their own within a fierce competitive market.


International Finance Corporation Opens Jamaica Office

Prime Minister Bruce Golding greets the Vice President of the European Union, Central Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean, Global Financial Markets and Private Equity of the International Financial Corporation (IFC), Jyrkri Koskelo.
Prime Minister Bruce Golding greets the Vice President of the European Union, Central Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean, Global Financial Markets and Private Equity of the International Financial Corporation (IFC), Jyrkri Koskelo.

Executives of the International Finance Corporation (IFC,) a private company of the World Bank, yesterday (Aug 20) paid a courtesy call on Prime Minister Bruce Golding, a few days after opening their office for business.

Vice President for Europe, Central Asia, Latin American and the Caribbean and Global Finance, Jyrkri Koskelo said that the IFC is increasing its staff as the Caribbean is an area of focus and commitment. He noted that countries needed to find ways to keep development moving through public/private projects and that their team will be concentrating on that area.

He said Jamaica had exemplary achievements in infrastructure projects that involve joint investment by State and private sector interests and that this is a platform on which future projects can be built.

The Prime Minister welcomed the team and noted education as an area of great interest for future public/private enterprises.


Government Recasting The 2009/10 Budget

Prime Minister Bruce Golding says government is at an advanced stage in recasting the 2009/2010 budget; and that there are going to be significant expenditure cuts.

The Prime Minister explained that he has made it very clear to the permanent secretaries, the extent to which the cuts can be made. On the recurrent side of the budget, which is where the bulk of the expenditure is, $125billion dollars

Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding
Jamaica's Prime Minister Bruce Golding

must be set aside for public sector wages including current wages and retroactive payments, Mr. Golding said.

‘We have to pay this and we have tried to convey to public sector workers the calamity that would result if they insist on additional increases for this year. We have tried to impress upon them that the country will not be in any shape to embark upon negotiations towards any increases for the period beginning April next year…. There is a compromise that has to be reached. We are not going to cut public sector jobs but to hold the jobs as they are. I have appealed to public sector workers to be reasonable as it will be impossible for government to find additional resources to make any increases available,” said Mr. Golding, who was speaking at the opening of Scotiabank Group financial centre on Constant Spring Road in Kingston recently.


Jamaican Athletes Have Confirmed… We’re Destined for Greatness… says PM Golding

amaican 4 x 100 Metres Gold Winner
Jamaican men 4 x 100 metres gold medal winners!

“The performance of our athletes at the Berlin games and the victories they have brought to our country almost on a daily basis, confirm that this country is destined for greatness. We are blessed, our people are blessed and we now need to translate this energy, this determination, discipline and drive, into all spheres of our lives,” that was the message that Prime Minister Bruce Golding sent to Jamaica’s athletes, in response to their brilliant and exceptional performance at the Berlin Games in Germany.

In his congratulatory message to Jamaica’s gold medalists in the 4 x 100m   men and women relay teams, Mr. Golding said the athletes have outdone themselves, bringing with them a nation that is bursting with pride and joy, beyond words.  The entire Caribbean is brimming with joy today and the rest of the world is celebrating Jamaica’s victories, he said.

Mr. Golding paid a special tribute to Asafa Powell for his outstanding performance despite his injuries. ‘This demonstrates his selflessness and love for country. What more could anyone ask.  We are indebted to you Asafa, as we are to the entire team representing this country in Berlin at this time. We anxiously await the return of all members because without a doubt,  despite the challenges we are going through at this time, this grateful  nation will have to find tangible ways to express its thanks to all members of the Berlin team’,  Mr. Golding added.


Name: Silburn Clarke
Age: 54
Company: Spatial Innovision Limited
Position: Founder, Owner, President and CEO

Silburn Clarke
Silburn Clarke

What do you do to relax?
I like to jog or walk.  It affords time to be reflective and to explore.  Some of my best ideas have emerged during my walks.   I have just been introduced to team paintballing which is proving a lot of fun.

What is your greatest indulgence?
I like to collect art pieces particularly paintings.

What is the best purchase you have ever made?
A David Langmead African piece back in 2006

What is your favourite piece of technology?
Currently, I am exploring the amazing capabilities of netbooks, built around the Ubuntu OS. I gave one to my 8-year-old for his end of year scholastic achievements recently, and he has been totally immersed in its capabilities; even more than his PSP.

What is the best book you’ve ever read?
I love Robert Greene’s “The 33 Strategies of War”. It’s a great book for understanding business strategy and it is done in an easy writing style. Geert Hofstede’s “Cultures Consequences” is a fantastic collection for students of culture.

What was your first job?
Trainee Survey Draughtsman in the Computing Division of the Survey Department in 1972.  I was part of a team of Computing Officers who did the comprehensive mathematical checks on Land Survey Plans and Diagrams

Do you remember your first boss?
Yes, H. H. Walker, who was in charge of the Survey Drawing Office.  He was a very knowledgeable and skilful boss who imparted a lot of early disciplines.

Have you ever been sacked?
Fortunately, I have never had that experience. That said, sacking has its positive side as it can embolden us to move into areas of our passion. Many successful entrepreneurs have emerged from the push they got from those job separations.

Who do you most admire?
Couple of folks:  Douglas Forrest at Kingston College (KC) for instilling a never-say-die, can-do confidence and attitude in all his charges, and Jack Dangermond at ESRI, the global leader in geographic information systems, who is a market and technology pioneer and whom I view as a mentor.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
Jack Dangermond at the start-up of Spatial Innovision implored us to be very parsimonious in our financial posture and to eschew debt in our capital structure. I also like a couple of guiding principles picked up over the years including:  “Fortis cadere cedere non potest”  or  “The brave may fall but never yield” from KC, and  Margaret Mead’s “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has”.

What do you love about your current job?
I like the opportunity to create better future outcomes in the various markets in which we operate by the positive impact which our technology solutions brings to our clients, and in turn, the broader economies.

What do you find difficult?
My major challenge is in prioritising within the limited resources which we have to work with. I would live to be able to do a lot more R&D than we do now.

What haven’t you done that you want to do?
I would like to be able to visit Ghana one day.

What has been the proudest moment in your career?

I must say that being adjudged a Country Winner for Jamaica in the inaugural Pioneers of Prosperity competition in the Caribbean was tremendously humbling and satisfying.

END NOTE: Spatial Innovision Limited founded in 1998, is the Caribbean’s leading GIS and GPS solutions centre. Spatial has been an advocate for the widespread implementation of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) throughout the Caribbean region for government agencies, non-government organizations and private businesses.


Jamaican To Participate In U.S. Programme On Pandemic Disease

Indi Mclymont-Lafayette, Regional Director of Media and Environment at the Panos Caribbean office in Jamaica, has been selected to participate in the U.S. Department of State-sponsored International Visitor Leadership Program (IVLP) on “Public Safety: Preparing for Pandemic Disease,” to take place from August 24 to September 11 in the United States.

U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Patricia Attkisson (left) and Deputy Public Affairs Officer Rebecca Park (right) view embassy artwork with Indi Mclymont-Lafayette, Regional Director of Media and Environment at Panos Caribbean, during her recent visit to the U.S. Embassy.
U.S. Embassy Public Affairs Officer Patricia Attkisson (left) and Deputy Public Affairs Officer Rebecca Park (right) view embassy artwork with Indi Mclymont-Lafayette, Regional Director of Media and Environment at Panos Caribbean, during her recent visit to the U.S. Embassy.

In her current position at Panos Caribbean Ms Mclymont-Lafayette covers the areas of health, gender, child rights and the environment in the region. She has received several national and regional awards for her work in those areas, including the Pan American Health Organization’s (PAHO) Merit Award for Excellence in Health Journalism in the Caribbean, the United Nations Population Fund 2003 Platinum Award for coverage of adolescent and reproductive health issues, and PAHO’s CARICOM award for best story on HIV/AIDS, written in collaboration with a local journalist.

During the multi-city program, Ms. Mclymont-Lafayette and 24 other participants will meet with key U.S. stakeholders responsible for identifying, containing, and responding to a potential influenza pandemic at the national, state, and local levels. They will also examine the latest medical research on the pandemic influenza and the progress in vaccine development.


Technology Week Professional Development Series, September 7 to 10, 2009

In continuation of Zed Jamaica’s Technology Week Professional Development Series, Zed in association with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce is pleased to announce the return of the widely popular workshop Writing for the Web: Creating Web Content That Clicks! We have also included two brand new seminars; Managing Complex Websitesand Social Media 101.

Graduating Class of 2007
Graduating Class of 2007

Beginning September 7, 2009, Zed’s Technology Week Professional Development Series will span four days of exciting and informative discussions.

The acclaimed two-day workshop, Writing for the Web explores the relevance and significance of web content today. With the prevalence of social media and Web 2.0, getting your message across succinctly and creatively is more important than ever before. Find out why web copywriting is all about knowing your audience and honing your craft. Discover how getting back to the basics of creative writing can make for compelling copy that delivers your message clearly and consistently over the web

The web is no longer about providing static information, but about finding opportunity for dialogue. Social Media 101 is a half-day seminar that will provide participants with a high-level understanding of the tools that exist online today, how to get involved and what organizations can do to make sure they are part of the on-going conversation.

Your organization’s website is a convenient means of providing information and services to site visitors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week …but does it really do that?

Planning and Managing Complex Websites: Laying the Foundations for Success! is a one day workshop that explores the relationship between website information and a
website’s success.

Created for those employees who find themselves on the front lines of content creation or planning and managing a website, this Technology week promises to deliver practical instruction, real world advice and hands-on experience!


Notices of Annual General Meetings

AGM – Lascelles Employees Co-operative Credit Union Limited

The 42nd Annual General Meeting will be held at the Knutsford Court Hotel on August 28, 2009 at 5:00pm.

AGM – Trelawny Co-operative Credit Union Limited

The 33rd Annual General Meeting will be held at the William Knibb Memorial High School’s Auditorium on August 22, 2009 at 10:00am.

AGM – Jamaica Co-operative Automobile & Limousine (JCAL) Tours Ltd

The 14th Annual General Meeting will be held at the Seventh Day Adventist West Conference Centre, Mount Salem, Montego Bay, August 20, 2009 at 5:00pm.

AGM – Carreras Limited

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Hilton Kingston Hotel, September 8, 2009 at 2pm.

AGM – The Jamaica Government Pensioners Association

The 43rd Annual General Meeting will be held at the Knutsford Court Hotel, August 20, 2009 at 8:30am.

AGM – Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCO)

The Annual General Meeting will be held at the Company’s HQ, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, August 31, 2009 at 11:30am.

AGM – Montego Freeport

The 41st Annual General Meeting will be held at the Wexford Hotel in Montego Bay, August 27, 2009 at 10:00am.


Calendar of Events

Aug 27

AMCHAM/JMM: Economic Breakfast Forum

The Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, 7:45 am.
Contact: 929-7866,

Montego Freeport: 41st. Annual General Meeting

Wexford Hotel, Montego Bay, 10:00 am

Financial Education Forum

Financial Education Forum

John McDowell Conference Centre, Pineapple Place, Ocho Rios – 5:00 pm.

Aug 28

Segnant Technologies Search Engine Marketing Seminar

Jamaica Pegasus Hotel – 8:30 a.m.
Contact: (214) 441-1309

Scotiabank Jamaica Investor Briefing

Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston – 10:00 am

LECCUL’s 42nd Annual General Meeting

The Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston – 5:00 pm

Aug 31

The Jamaica Public Service Company’s (JPSCo) Annual General Meeting

Location: Company HQ, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston – 11:30 am

Sept 4

Strategies To Cope With Global Uncertainty

Seabed Conference Centre, Kingston – 9:00 am.
Contact:; 922-0750 ext. 4375

Oct 8

The Jamaica Manufacturers’ Association (JMA) Ltd. will be hosting its 41st Annual Awards Banquet, October 8, 2009, at the Hilton Kingston, commencing at 6:30 p.m. The event is held yearly to show recognition to manufacturing companies that have made a significant impact on industry and Jamaica, and have excelled in various areas.


All You Need T Know About Starting a Manufacturing In Jamaica!

Learn vital information which will assist you in successfully setting up a manufacturing business in Jamaica. ‘Starting a Manufacturing Business: All You Must Know of the Regulatory Requirements in Jamaica’ is available for sale at the Association’s Secretariat. It covers general business requirements, industry specific requirements, trade incentives and licences, investment incentives and more.

To order, contact us at 922-8880-1/3; 922-8869 or email



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