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  • Quotable Quote
  • BizEvents
  • Duke of Edinburgh’s Programme Growing in Jamaica!
  • CaribPR signs agreement with PR Newswire
  • Free Publicity Tips
  • BizProfile: Q&A Rev. Dr. Taska Hare
  • Hottest Trend in Business – Internet
  • Why Submit Your Small Business News to ‘The Blog Enterprise’?

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QUOTABLE QUOTE: “Be yourself. Don’t be into trends. Don’t make fashion own you, but you decide what you are, what you want to express by the way you dress and the way to live. Gianni Versace

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August 3-10 – Future leadership Jamaica Diaspora Conference, designed to provide the opportunity for young Jamaicans in the Diaspora to contribute to the national development while networking with their local and overseas counterparts, slated for August 3-10, UWI, Mona, Kingston

August 9 – Press Association of Jamaica (PAJ) annual general meeting at PAJ headquarters, East Avenue, Kingston, 1:00 pm. eMail:

August 12 – Bank of Jamaica quarterly meeting at Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston, 9:30 am. eMail:

August 27 – Montego Freeport 41st. annual general meeting at Wexford Court Hotel, Gloucester Avenue, Montego Bay, 10 am.

August 31 – Jamaica Public Service Company (JPSCo) Limited annual general meeting at JPSCo headquarters, Knutsford Boulevard, New Kingston, 11:30 am.

September 19 – Media Technology Institute and the Creative Production and Training Centre host second Jamaica Digital Arts Festival, September 19-20 at Knutsford Court Hotel, New Kingston. Check out:

September 24 – A seminar for CEOs and senior executives on ‘Strategies to Cope with Global Uncertainty: Choices for Caribbean Business and Finances, organised by the Caribbean Centre for Money and Finance and hosted by the Bank of Jamaica at the Jamaica Conference Centre, Kingston (downtown), 9 am. eMail:

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Duke of Edinburgh’s Programme Growing in Jamaica

This year marks the 30th anniversary of the Caribbean Award Sub-Regional Council (CASC) expedition.

Events to celebrate this milestone kicked off with a Gala Dinner on Emancipation Day (August 1) at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel, followed by an anniversary church service on Sunday, August 2, at Hope Gospel Assembly in Liguanea, Kingston 6.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Jamaica also had its Bronze and Silver Awards Ceremony on Friday, July 31, at the Jamaica Pegasus.

The highlight of the all these events will be the explorations of the Blue Mountain area by the over 120 young people and leaders who will coming from the Americas region.  The young people develop their self their esteem, confidence, vocational skills, make new friends, learn more about the environment and achieve these prestigious awards which are internationally recognized.

The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Programme is a character development programme for young people which started in Britain and now exist in over 110 countries. These young people have to learn a skill, give service to the community, participate in recreational activities and go on explorations in unfamiliar areas. They do this in pursuit of attaining the prestigious Bronze, Silver or Gold Medal. In order to attain their Gold the young people who range from ages 14 to 25 also have to participate in a residential camp.

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CaribPR signs agreement with PR Newswire

PR Newswire has recently announced a distribution agreement with CaribPR Wire that will provide greater exposure to a gateway for Small-to-Medium-sized Businesses (SMEs) and non-profit organisations in the Caribbean to communicate with audiences throughout the world.

“PR Newswire’s partnership with CaribPR Wire ensures that our clients will have access to the most comprehensive and targeted news distribution option in the Caribbean region,” said Joaquin Burgos, president, PR Newswire Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean.

Commenting on the agreement, local public relations specialist, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, believes this is an excellent move, and one which will provide local SMEs greater access to Caribbean and International audiences and to introduce Caribbean companies to PR Newswire’s full suite of communications tools.

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Free Publicity TIPS

Do you want free publicity? Give free classes and demonstrations through adult education programmes at schools and colleges, or at your own business. Participate in online discussion groups and offer lots of helpful advice. Use a signature file in your e-mail that explains what you do and how you can help solve people’s problems.

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BizProfile Q&A:  Rev. Dr. Taska Hare

Dr. Taska Hare
Dr. Taska Hare

Q. What do you do to relax?
A. Gardening, listening to music and reading .

Q. What is your greatest indulgence

A. I love collecting Art pieces. During my travels a Art museum is a must visit.

Q. What is the best purchase you have ever made?
A.  A art piece i bought on Victoria Island in Nigeria its called “Negritude”

Q. What is your favourite piece of technology?
A. My computer.

Q. What is the best book you’ve ever read?
A. A Return to Love by Marriane Williamson.

Q. What was your first job?
A. Assistant Dietician

Q. Do you remember your first boss?
A. Yes, very understanding.

Q. you ever been sacked?
A. No

Q. Who do you most admire?
A. Those who have followed their dreams and saw challenges as opportunities.

Q. What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?
A. Never make someone a priority who sees you as an option.

Q. What do you love about your current job?
A.  Interacting with people from different social and cultural backgrounds. Designing Workshops and Seminar to assist persons in the area of Personal Development, producing a bimonthly magazine which seeks to inform, empower and awaken humanity to their spiritual magnificence. It’s a joy serving others in diverse ways.

Q. What do you find difficult?
A. Dealing with persons who procrastinate.

Q. What haven’t you done that you want to do?
A. Visit Austria, home of the late Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart.

Q. What has been the proudest moment in your career?
A. Assisting a fifty year old woman who dropped out of school at age fifteen and pursued a career in Nursing. I am proud of her and the results our Healing Touch Centre receives from helping others to achieve their goals.

END NOTE: The Healing Touch centre offers pastoral care, counseling services, counselor training, workshops and seminars. We publish a bimonthly magazine which seeks to inspire, inform and empower its readers.

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Hottest Trend in Business – Quality of Life!

Trend watching has emerged in big business as a discipline of business management and a popular topic among top media publications and futurists. Small business can benefit from trend watching, too. In this post, we’ll look at third of the four trends: Internet!

Trend: Internet: The Internet meltdown was a period of shakeout for capitalists wanting to make a quick million. At the beginning of the century, many companies were formed to take advantage of the birth of the auto industry. Only a handful of players emerged to become household names but opportunities were plentiful in the area of; building roads, suburban communities, and restaurants. The Internet represents a similar venue.

Internet usage continues to grow. Pollster, Ipsos-Reid’s, Internet usage survey shows 72% of Americans have gone online at least once during 30 days in the past year. Canada has the second largest usage penetration with 62% of Canadians online. With increased usage comes more online spending. According to the Internet measurement firm, comScore Networks, total online spending in 2004, grew by 26 percent to a record level of more than $117 billion.

Opportunities: With billions of dollars of goods sold online, many businesses will need assistance in website rebuilds and search engine optimization. Look for growing markets in e-learning and online gaming. Don’t forget computer security. Gartner Group estimates only 35% of small & medium businesses have disaster recovery.

The impact of these long-term trends will continue to shape markets and industries. For new entrepreneurs, gauge the market closely. If you are expanding a business, look for complementary markets to those you are currently serving. For existing businesses with no growth plans, observe and plan for how these trends may impact your industry.


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Submit your small business news to The Blog Enterprise

I’m delighted to announce that you can now submit your press releases to ‘The Blog Enterprise’. If approved, they will be published in our new “BizProfile” news section.

Question: Why are you publishing news releases?

Answer: There’s a lot of important news out there – especially with in the small business sector – and which are either being ignored or not made known to the traditional media. I’d love to breach this gap in the news flow, and provide you news and information not covered by regular media — and I know you’d love to read more news and information about what’s happening within the small business arena. So I thought I’d let you submit your press releases, subject to being reviewed by my editorial team.

Question: Will you publish everything submitted?

Answer: I will publish only news that is of interest to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, and charitable organisations. Please do not submit press releases that are off-topic or unrelated to small businesses, startups, entrepreneurs, or non-profit organisations.

All submissions will be made via eMail. I’ll do our best to review them within 48 hours. I reserve the right to choose which news releases to publish. Also, due to time commitments I cannot commit to notify you whether your release has been accepted or not. Please check your copy of ‘The Blog Enterprise’ .

Question: Does it cost anything to submit a press release?

Answer: This is a free service. It costs you nothing.

Question: I’d like to submit a guest article — may I submit that via eMail?

Answer: No, please do not submit guest articles. The Enterprises is designed for news and business profile — not articles. Please submit press releases and news announcements only. If you’d like to be featured in our BizProfile section, please eMail me for our BizProfile Format.

Question: Are you trying to compete with other news distribution services?

Answer: Ha! I wish!  Joking aside, no, I have no intention of becoming a news distribution service at this time. I am not equipped to distribute news as widely as newswires and press release distribution services, or our local media. This is strictly a community service for the small business sector and non-profit organisations whose news and announcements often get ignored by the mainstream media.

Question: Where will my press release be published if you accept it?

Answer: If I accept your press release, it will be designated as a “press release” and will appear in the news section of The Blog Enterprise.

Question: Where do I submit my press release?


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