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  • Today’s Quote.
  • Jamaica’s Pioneers of Prosperity: TotallyMale Club Spa Salon, Spatial Innovation.
  • BizProfile: Kenneth Haynes, Managing Director, On The Frontier (OTF) Group.
  • Hottest Trend in Business – Quality of Life.
  • Why Submit Your Small Business News to ‘The Blog Enterprise’?

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Today’s Quote: “The prizes of life are at the end of each journey, not near the beginning; and it is not given to us to know how many steps are necessary in order to reach our goals.”

(Adapted from The Greatest Salesman in the World).

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Pioneers of Prosperity: TotallyMale ClubSpa Salon, Spatial Innovation TotallyMale Club Spa Salon and Spatial Innovision are the two Jamaican companies in the finals of the inaugural Pioneers of Prosperity Caribbean Awards, announced earlier this week at a special ceremony in the board room of the Ministry of Industry, Investment & Commerce. A third company, the Hotel Mocking Bird Hill, received an honourable mention award. [caption id="attachment_106" align="alignright" width="300" caption="PIONEERS OF PROSPERITY (L-R): Sandra Samuels, CEO, TotallyMale ClubSpa Salon, Barbara Walker of Hotel Mocking Bird Hill), and Silburn Clarke, President/CEO, Spatial Innovision. At 2nd. right is Robert Gregory, President of Jamaica Trade & Invest."][/caption] The companies will now join eight other country-level winners and four honourable mentions from across the Caribbean.  These companies emerged from a pool of 580 small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) that participated in the competition. Winners at the country=level will receive a US$40,000 grant from the Multilateral Investment Fund of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) to invest in training and technical infrastructure for their company. They will also be connected to a global network of technical expertise, potential investors, and other cutting-edge entrepreneurs. The winners will get on to compete for the regional grand prize of an additional US$60,000 and the prestigious title of Pioneer of Prosperity Caribbean at the final awards ceremony which will be hosted by Jamaican Prime Minister Bruce Golding in Montego Bay on September 11. The Pioneers of Prosperity Awards is a global programme made up of regional competitions spanning 24 countries in the Caribbean, Africa and Central America. The Bahamas, Jamaica, Barbados, Belize, Guyana, Haiti, and Trinidad & Tobago were the participating countries in the Caribbean competition. The programme seeks to inspire a new generation of entrepreneurs in emerging economies by identifying, rewarding and promoting outstanding SMEs who will serve as role models to their peers. The programme is sponsored by the Multilateral Investment Fund of the IDB, the John Templeton Foundation and the Social Equity Venture (7 Fund). The Pioneers of Prosperity programme was conceived and initiated by Michael Fairbanks, a recognised thought leader in the area of enterprise solutions to poverty and co-founder of the 7 Fund. For additional information on the Pioneers of Prosperity programme, visit: ◙ BizProfile: Kenneth Haynes, Managing Director, On The Frontier (OTF) Group [caption id="attachment_93" align="alignleft" width="115" caption="Kenneth Haynes, Managing Direct, OTG Group"][/caption] The Pioneers of Prosperity programme, made up of three regional competitions – Africa, Caribbean and Central America, was conceived and initiated by Michael Fairbanks, a recognised thought leader in the area of enterprise solutions to poverty and co-founder of On The Frontier (OTF), small Boston-based consulting firm. Today my guest is OTF’s Managing Director, and Country Coordinator for Jamaica, Kenneth Haynes, who was in Jamaica earlier this week for the Jamaican for awards presentation of the Jamaican finalists of Pioneers of Prosperity Caribbean’s Awards announcement. Commenting on the responses from Caribbean entrepreneurs, Kenneth said:  “We weren’t envisioning 580 applicants for the first year. So, we have had a very difficult time, in the best of ways, narrowing that pool down 580 from 10 winning p pioneers of prosperity.” He was also particularly pleased with the local response. “We received 155 applicants from Jamaica, the highest in the region. So, for these two companies (the Sandra Samuels-run TotallyMale ClubSpa Salon, and the Silburn Clarke-operated Spatial Innovision) to emerge from that pool of 155, I think it is a very impressive outcome,” said Kenneth, who has over 10 years of experience working with private and public sector leaders on a range of strategy issues, including competitiveness building, strategic alliances, and export development programs. He currently leads the project team for the National Competitiveness Program in Jamaica, working with over 200 Jamaican SMEs on a variety of collective and firm-level initiatives to improve their competitiveness. Mr. Hynes is also the Co-Head, and a Board Member, of the Jamaica Exporters Association’s Competitiveness Company. In addition, Mr. Hynes leads strategy coaching engagements for several of the most prominent companies in Jamaica, advising CEOs and management teams in the areas of corporate strategy, product positioning, and market entry strategy. He is frequently asked to speak on issues of organizational strategy and global competitiveness. Most recently, Ken has presented at events sponsored by the Jamaica Exporter’s Association, The Scientific Research Council of Jamaica, and a regional organization of women farmer entrepreneurs. Ken Hynes now divides his time between Jamaica and Africa, where he is supporting an OTF Group project team in Gabon. Prior to joining the OTF Group, Hynes worked as a Commercial and Political Risk Underwriter with the Export Development Corporation in Canada, where he helped firms expand internationally by export promotion, foreign direct investment, and strategic alliances. Ken has worked in a variety of countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America, specifically in the consumer food products and financial services industries. Ken Hynes’ interest in developing and transitional economies stems from his work experience in a number of emerging markets. He is particularly interested in business strategy for firms in developing countries, and the collaboration that is required between government, and the private sector, to find sustainable solutions in the development process. Ken holds a B.A. in Economics from Concordia University. He earned a Master’s of Arts from The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. Ken Hynes’ research work at The Fletcher School was published by the Harvard Business School as an Executive M.B.A. case study. The OTF Group is the competitiveness consulting firm that brings the deepest experience to help build prosperity in developing economies. The OTF Group team consists of leading strategy experts who have decades of experience on competitiveness in emerging markets. The OTF Group advises developing companies, regions, and nations to be more innovative, increase productivity and create competitive advantage. The OTF Group accomplishes this through its unique coaching and consulting services, and its proprietary methodologies and software technology. ◙ Hottest Trend in Business – Quality of Life! Trend watching has emerged in big business as a discipline of business management and a popular topic among top media publications and futurists. Small business can benefit from trend watching, too. In the last post we looked at Trend #2: Green Power, selected for its longevity, market awareness and potential profitability. In this post, we’ll look at third of the four trends: Quality of Life! Trend #3: Quality of Life - The wellness and health trend shows no sign of slow down since its early infancy during the 80's fitness movement. This trend is the convergence of rising health care costs in all developing and developed countries, the aging of the baby boomer, the desire to keep our youth, and growing life expectancy. Paul Zane Pilzer, world economist and entrepreneur; predicted with accuracy, the U.S. Savings & Loans crisis, foresees the wellness industry will be worth a trillion dollars by the year 2010. Wellness encompasses: looking good, feeling great, being healthy, and fighting aging and disease. Opportunities: A wide range of products and services such as: botox and energy drinks, to nutraceuticals and wrinkle creams, to serve this large and steady trend. The energy drink market alone grossed US$275 million in 2001, more than doubling the profits from the previous year. Source:

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  1. The Center for Media Research has released a study by Vertical Response that shows just where many of these ‘Main Street’ players are going with their online dollars. The big winners: e-mail and social media. With only 3.8% of small business folks NOT planning on using e-mail marketing and with social media carrying the perception of being free (which they so rudely discover it is far from free) this should make some in the banner and search crowd a little wary.


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