19 Useful Tips For Writing Effective Expired-Listing Prospecting Letters

Expired listing letters can provide a wealth of potential clients. So, if you’re looking for an incredible tool to help you prospect effectively, sending out farm expired-listings prospecting letters to your prospects is a great marketing strategy.

The Expired-listings letter enables you to make an introduction and explain why you are the best choice for their real estate needs.

However, when it comes to expired-listing prospecting letters, there are a few things to keep in mind. Here are 19 tips to help you write effective letters that will get your listings:

  1. A Seasoned Professional Adds Value To The Sale – Let’s your potential client know that when they choose to renew their listing with you, they are putting the sale of their most valuable asset in the hands of a seasoned real estate professional.
  2. A Top Expert In Real Estate Sales In Your Area – You have it all; a broad base of potential buyers, familiarity with similar listings, and an intimate knowledge of the area. You will design an aggressive marketing strategy, especially for them, when they list their property with you.
  3. An Internet Real Estate Expert Makes The Difference – When home listings don’t result in a successful sale, the culprit is often insufficient web exposure. As an expert in online real estate marketing, you can make the difference.
  4. Customized Marketing Solution – You understand it’s not enough to stick a sign in the seller’s yard and list the home in the MLS; you will deliver a custom-tailored marketing solution to sell the property.
  5. Free Guide To Finding The Right Agent – Acknowledges you realize the seller is inundated by agents soliciting the listing of the property and offers the homeowner a complimentary seller’s guide to help select the right REALTOR® to sell their home.
  6. Home Is Not Overpriced And Should Have Sold – Informs the seller that expired listings typically involve homes that are overpriced for the condition or location, but you think their home can be sold at the listed value. With your sales expertise and knowledge of the local market, you should be able to get them their asking price.
  7. I Only Pursue Listings I Know I Can Sell – Let the seller know that while some agents grab every listing they can get, you only take on homes you know you can sell. You are pursuing their listing because you are confident you can find a motivated buyer.
  8. I’ll Make A Difference For You – You can let this potential client know that a friend invited you to look into a way to help turn the sale of their home around. Now that the listing has expired, it’s a great time to start fresh with someone who can provide results and is not afraid of the challenge.
  9. Importance Of Follow Through – Discusses the importance of a REALTOR® who will follow through. If a potential buyer shows interest in the home, you will be on the ball, not preoccupied with a million different priorities.
  10. It’s All About Service And Solutions – Introduces you to your potential client as a service-oriented, highly motivated real estate professional with solutions. When they renew their listing with you, exciting results will follow.
  11. I’ve Done My Homework On Your Home – You have already done the homework and know what it will take to make a successful sale for this potential client. When they renew their listing with you, the sale of their home will be your top priority.
  12. No More Broken Promises – A results-oriented real estate professional is what your potential client will gain when they renew their listing with you. No more broken promises, just a recipe for success.
  13. Presentation Is Everything – Explains the advantages of hiring a REALTOR® who’s also a home staging expert; you’ll maximize the home’s appeal to potential buyers by highlighting the property’s most marketable features and downplaying any flaws.
  14. Renewal Of Your Listing 1 – When it’s YOUR listing that expires, it’s time to inspire your client and assure them that their home WILL sell. Lets the client know that you have a few new strategies you’d like to try, and that you’re sure the house will sell soon.
  15. Renewal Of Your Listing 2 – When your own listing expires without a sale, let the homeowner know that you have already performed a detailed analysis exploring why their property didn’t sell, and you know what it will take to turn things around.
  16. The First Key Ingredient To A Successful Sale – Explains to the potential client that a renewed listing with you will provide them with the first key ingredient for the successful sale of their home. You’re armed with a winning strategy… one that can use to help them accomplish their goals.
  17. The Sale Of Your Home Will Is My Top Priority – When a listing (belonging to another agent) expires, it’s time to move in and explain to the client that you’re the agent he needs to get the property sold. Expresses your dedication to individual attention and results.
  18. The Three Ps – Outlines the three Ps—presentation, price, and promotion—needed to produce a qualified offer for the seller’s home and explains that you offer an integrated strategy encompassing all three components.
  19. Unique Selling Proposition – Advises the seller that you can identify their home’s unique selling proposition to differentiate the property from other homes on the market.

In conclusion, by following these tips, you can increase the chances that your expired-listing prospecting letters will be effective in getting your phone to ring. Remember to personalize each letter and make it specific to the property, target the right audience, and keep it brief and to the point. Finally, always follow up with a phone call.

Good luck!

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, a multi-award-winning veteran journalist, is a publicity and content marketing writer specializing in helping real estate professionals attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility. If you need help with your PR, copywriting, and content marketing needs, CLICK HERE to get in touch.