13 Tips for Writing FSBO Prospecting Letters That Will Help You Sell Your Home Fast!

When you’re ready to take your real estate career to the next level, writing FSBO (For Sale By Owner) prospecting letters is essential. Whether you’re a first-time seller just starting out or an experienced agent trying to shake things up, a well-crafted letter can make a big difference in your success rate.

Why is this so?

Because FSBO listings can provide a wealth of new contacts and potential clients. The tactful real estate professional who understands the challenges and offers FREE tips and helpful insights is always ahead of the competition.

Importantly, FSBO helps you establish an enviable relationship that will make your name the one remembered when their strategy changes.

So. what should you include in an FSBO prospecting letter?

This article provides tips that will enable you to make a gracious introduction and establish that all-important first contact by presenting helpful information on everything from marketing tips to organizing for an upcoming move. Besides, when you approach the potential FSBO client with information that showcases your expertise in a friendly and professional manner. They’ll open the door for you to offer FREE No Cost/No Obligation marketing assistance that they haven’t heard from anyone else before.

  1. A Master Negotiator On Their Behalf – Real estate transactions are complex. Offer advice on dealing with prospective buyers while convincing FSBOs of your value as a negotiator and closer.
  2. Conducting An Open House – Conducting an Open House is an essential marketing tool that takes careful planning and strategic thought. Sharing your tips for a successful Open House is one way to let a homeowner know that a successful FSBO listing requires the same marketing skills they would receive by retaining an expert.
  3. Curb Appeal Tips – First impressions are critical, and curb appeal is particularly important for FSBOs. It allows you to give tips for sprucing up the outside of the home to attract potential buyers.
  4. Documents & Data FSBOs Need – Presents the FSBO with a list of paperwork they will need to gather before finding a buyer. Very few homeowners will look forward to collecting this information on their own, so let them know they can contact you if they need assistance.
  5. Free Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) – Understanding market trends is critical to successful sales that many FSBOs may not be aware of. This FSBO letter allows you to make that important introduction in a helpful way by offering a CMA and consultation at no obligation. Establishing yourself as a friendly advisor is a great way to get your foot in the door.
  6. FSBO Resource Kit – Offers FSBOs a complimentary Resource Kit to help them sell their home and lets them know you are available should they require any assistance.
  7. Getting Your Home Ready To Sell – That’s the question they’ll be asking after reviewing your friendly tips. This letter lets you subtly give information about preparing a home for sale that may send them running for an expert. You’ll be ready to assure them that if FSBO doesn’t work, you’re only a phone call away.
  8. Home Photography Advice – Great photos are essential for Web as well as print marketing material. This letter provides FSBOs with valuable tips for taking the best pictures of their home, while pointing out that you will send a professional photographer to their home if they list the property with you.
  9. Home Selling Security Tips – Provides homeowners with a checklist of security tips, so they don’t inadvertently aid would-be thieves, while implicitly encouraging them to use you as a buffer between themselves and strangers.
  10. Marketing Tips – You know that marketing is everything, but the potential FSBO client may not have the experience they need to successfully market their home. Step in by lending some trade secrets that will open future doors, and set you up as the marketing pro they really need.
  11. Moving Tips – Remind the FSBO of the careful planning involved in achieving a hassle-free moving day. There is a little more to undertake after leaving the closing table – packing, storing, cleaning, and moving. Presenting these tips in a friendly, professional manner may tip the scales in your favor as it becomes evident that the actual move itself also requires some time and thoughtful preparation.
  12. Ten Most Forgotten Items – This is a gentle and subtle reminder that moving is, in and of itself, a hectic endeavor. Important things find themselves left behind in the shuffle – bills, medicine, tools – important necessities to everyday life. When you send this checklist, they’ll know you are the Realtor® that thinks of everything.
  13. Top Eight Home Showing Tips – Let the FSBO know how proficient you are at showing a home by sharing your best tips with them. Showing a home effectively takes personality and expertise. This letter showcases your ability to provide both in a friendly, consultative way.

In conclusion, writing FSBO prospecting letters is integral to the home-selling process. Following a few simple steps and including specific information in your letters can increase your chances of selling your home quickly and easily.

Thanks for reading!

Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, a multi-award-winning veteran journalist, is a publicity and content marketing writer specializing in helping real estate professionals attract clients, boost sales, create public awareness, and build credibility. If you’d like help writing FSBO prospecting letters that get results, CLICK HERE! for more information. I’d be happy to help you out.