The fact that you are reading this, it tells me you’re probably already interested in public relations. What you’re looking for is some practical, down-to-earth tips and ideas on how to make it happen.

At first Public Relations may seem like a complicated and time-consuming task – a job for a journalist or media professional, not an enterprising business owner like yourself. As a busy entrepreneur, you may wonder how you can fit public relations into your other activities.

Public Relations is indeed a profession, and you may even want to get the assistance of a publicist to help you develop and carry out your program.

The major purpose of this document, however, is to give you an instant dose of inspiration.

The ideas presented are intended to jump-start your thinking process and get you started on the road to promoting yourself and your business.

Therefore, I urged you to think creatively… both in and out of the box!

You will learn one idea at a time, exactly what you can do to conduct a credible and successful promotional campaign – ideas tailored to your particular business and your public relations goals.

List all the crazy things, the absolutely outrageous things you would never do for publicity, and then do the ones you can put into action without great expense.

Before you start to run amuck with some of the crazy ideas you’ll find in this document, I cautioned you, however, not to litter the desks of editors and producers with badly written, badly researched junk that will hinder your cause.

Any suggestion here assumes that you will do your homework, and that your intentions are to provide the best possible service or product. Shoddy offerings are always discovered – those that you publicise are discovered even faster.

Competition for media exposure (placement in print, on air or over the Internet) is a considerable premium to your business. Those who pay meticulous attention to detail and present their ideas with integrity, and a sincere desire to serve, will most likely come out on top. It’s up to you to preserve the privilege of public access to the media.

One general tip I’d encourage you kept in mind is that “if you can’t sell it, give it away!” Donating services or products to charity often commands attention and starts an energy flow that often results in increased business activity and free media exposure.

  • Are you tired of working your tail off day after day and just scraping by with no money or free time to go out and really enjoy life?
  • Are a financial planner, but break into a cold sweat every time you open the local newspapers business section you see your competitors being featured in, or being quoted in an article that relates to your business?
  • Do you want to be the envy of all your competitors and the “accounting business” everyone is talking about?
  • Is that “word of mouth” advertising that you rely so heavily on not moving your floral arrangements out the door as fast as you’d like month after month?
  • Is your restaurant location getting you all the business you can handle?
  • Are you sick and tired of wasting money on advertising that gets poor results for your auto dealership?

If you answered YES to one or more of these questions, then this special report is just for you.

If deep down you yearn for and believe you deserve to get your share of fame and fortune, you’ll find the following proven, but unconventional PR strategies, techniques, ideas, and tips will help you build your credibility and create a powerful presence using low-cost, high-impact publicity and social media methods to explode the profits in your business.

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