A Realtor’s Personal Safety Guideline

A major concern for realtors is personal safety. The realtor often works alone in showing a property, having an open house, or manning the model house in a new subdivision. Some personal safety issues should include: On the first meeting with a client, have them meet you at the office. Get as much personal information […]

5 Quick And Easy Ways To Get Rid of Writers ‘Blocks

By Delroy A. Whyte-Hall As a real estate agent, are you still among the legions of professionals who have yet to claim 10% of their time each week through constructive activities? If so, you may be one of the 3% – 70 million–people who have poor productivity for writing and research. Fortunately, consultants and writers […]

Real Estate Agent Who Lies to Client Could Face Serious Legal Risks

If you’re like most people, you’re probably paranoid about real estate agents. Maybe it’s because they make such large promises about how buying a property can be easy and smooth, or because there have been so many horror stories about dishonest ones screwing buyers over. Whatever the reason, you may be skeptical about what agents […]

Real Estate Prospecting Postcards: Why Experienced Realtors Love This Marketing Method

When researching how to market yourself as a real estate agent, you’ll find thousands of articles on the best methods and practices to try.  If you keep reading, you’ll eventually notice a pattern. Almost all of them mention real estate postcards.  This article will examine why experience realtors love real estate prospecting postcards and why […]

New Copywriting and Content Marketing Services Aimed at Real Estate Agents

Hagerstown, MD, June 6, RealtyQuotient.com — Veteran CARICOM journalist, Delroy A. Whyte-Hall, has launched a new copywriting and content marketing service designed specifically for real estate agents. Whyte-Hall says that many agents are frustrated with the amount of time they spend on non-selling tasks, such as writing website articles or social media posts and need […]

Get discovered: How to make sure your real estate agency is top-of-mind among buyers and sellers

Real estate, as well as other businesses, experience success through the reliance on trust. When people trust your enterprise, they will be more likely to learn more about your products as well as the establishments where you offer your services. Trust is built by delighting the public through the management of relationships. There are a […]